Teaching lesson 1

Just so you all know, I am not your typical teacher you knew in school. The subject matter is something you will have to want to learn, I am not going to force feed it to you. Most of the people who will read this blog are adults, and are voting age. I will tell you that if you find something that can credibly dispute what I am teaching, then please contact me and let me know. We can discuss what you have found. I believe learning is a never-ending process, so you can probably teach me as much as I am willing to teach you the reader.

First of all, you are not a sovereign citizen of this country. You are considered a lot worse than that by our government. You are its enemy. http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=War_Powers_Act This link is what started my search for the truth. Now I understand many of you are going to have the knee jerk reaction of not believing a word of what you read here. There are things stated here in this site that made me start looking for more information. In my opinion, if you find multiple sites that say the same thing (not just one or two), then you are on the path to the truth. Granted there is some information that is not credible on the page that I posted. Do your research, find out what you can verify. I will post more sites later in the blog that I will encourage you to do your own research. My job is to bring you to the point of wanting to learn the things you were never taught. With your help I think we can both educate each other.

Racism will never go away. Maybe?

I find it hard to believe that the people of this country even stand for the name calling and hatred associated with what is called racism today.The ugliness of the 60s that was called the civil rights movement, when so many innocent people died has reared its ugly head again, and like before there are just as many people willing to fall for the premise of making things better. Unfortunately, this country had pretty much evened things out between the races with legislation, even social programs, not that I agree with everything that was done but those opinions will be kept in reserve for now. It wasn’t a matter of making things even for all as it turned out, it was a matter of promoting one race over another and not because of the qualifications of the individual but because of the color of their skin. After the 60s, there began to be a certain faction of black leaders that didn’t want to let the civil rights issue die. They had found that if they kept the issue in the background and spoke up once in a while, they could and did make a living worth millions of dollars, and those that believed them paid them blindly thinking things would get better.

As it turned out, things didn’t get better they have now gotten much worse. I personally don’t remember a day when if you did anything that was against even the opinion of another race you were called racist, and I remember the 60s quite well, it wasn’t like that. God weeps every time one of his children have to suffer a mindset that is against His, He doesn’t care what the color of the skin is, all he cares about is the child is His child and shouldn’t be treated any different from how He should be. When it all comes down and we do have to have our day in front of our merciful God, he will know how we treated others, and ask why we did harm to one of His children. I remember the day when many people said we would NEVER have a black president. Well even though he is half white and half black, he calls himself a black man. The point here is, if the people who wanted him in office thought that the racism would end by electing him, they were sadly mistaken. How much more apparent does it need to be that in order to have peace in this world, that God is going to have to be the one Man that brings it? Turn away from Him if you will, and if you feel He has not done for you what you feel He should, just ask yourself one question, “What have I done for God today?”

The biblical predictions and prophecies do not have to happen on any one day or any one year. If that were the case, each prophecy would have a date included as to when they were supposed to have taken place. God gave man free will, if man sees fit to waste such will He will not stop him from doing so, He can’t! Man then has the choice of hastening the prophecy into actuality, or putting them off to prevent them from happening tomorrow. Racism may never go away as long as there are men that depend on greed to help it grow. So there is a choice, we can help it go away as much as possible on this earth, or we can wait and find out just how much we are Gods’ children in paradise. The choice is yours.

The Southern Cross Flag

I know many of you were not fortunate enough to be raised in the south. So let me explain to you why the Confederate Battle Flag, also known as the Southern Cross means so much to those of us that were raised here. I was born in 1960, the infancy of the civil rights movement here in the south. Being raised in the Atlanta area, we were also subject to  lot of the Martin Luther King Jr speeches and the news coverage of him. As a child, I remember some of the names of the times being used. Names like J Edgar Hoover, Barry Goldwater, and many other politicians of the time.The big thing I remember the most as a child was the space race, and achieving orbiting the moon. I remember  the April night when MLK was shot down and never really understanding what was so important about him dying.

Not one time was I ever taught to hate a particular race of people, or to use a flag as a symbol of hatred. As I got older, the “battle flag’ became more of a symbol of where I came from more than what the revisionists had written about the south and what they had wanted the flag to symbolize.For those of you tht still to this day believe that the Civil war was about slavery and racisim, please take a few minutes and read this website http://www.americasfreedomfighters.com/2015/03/13/the-truth-about-confederate-history-its-not-what-you-think/ . This might enlighten your thoughts on what the civil war was truly about. Keep in mind, the truth is not always the truth when you are the winners of such wars. If you win, you get to tell the story the way you want it told, even if it isn’t true. Also keep in mind, if you have never read the Emancipation Proclamation, you probably do not know that only the southern slaves were freed, not the northern slaves.

What the revisionists don’t want the average person to know is that slavery was on its way out in the south before the war ever began. Also, after the war started, there were many blacks that fought on the side of the confederacy, voluntarily.Speaking for myself, I was raised with a lot of southern pride. Pride in the fact that we could take care of ourselves.The battle flag became a symbol of that pride. It wasn’t about forcing slavery or promoting racism. I remember when the Confederate Memorial Carving was dedicated in the mid 70s. Another  proud milestone for us in the south. Many years after the carving was complete, I would say in the mid 80s, Stone Mountain park began having lasers shows on the side of the mountain that the carving was on. One of the continuous features of the laser show, is bringing the carving to life with the lasers.

There are all types of people that view the laser shows there during the summer, a lot of tourist tht show up to see just what all of the hoopla is all about. Once that show is over though, everyone leaves as a southerner. Yes, we celebrate Confederate Memorial day here, We are a proud people here, and we are proud of our culture. Personally, I think many other parts of the country are jealous of the south simply because we do have a physical symbol that we love and represents everything we are and what we are about. So speaking for many of the true southerners, if you don’t like what we do and how we do things down here, you can just kiss our southern asses!

The link between capitalism and racism | REDFLAG


Socialist Alternative

Socialist Alternative

Funny how socialists want to define Racism & neglect Socialisms own Racists rants against Israel, which is a Nation, as well of people who are Indigenous Israelis.

When the Bolsheviks in Russia were dispersed it was russian socialism that targeted the jews with there racist attacks on jewish pilgrims in the land, socialism also attacked Christians an played a big part in the communist socialism in the USSR, as Richard Wumbrand, who was jewish & became a christian living in russia, as Socialist Bigotry continues.

Socialism basically has its own form of a euphoric capitalism, like that seen in the book animal farm.
Even old boxer the horse was given the brunt of all the work, in the socialism showed in it.

Hitler himself founded the Nazi Party on Socialism, he also had ethnic alliance with muslims, just like Socialist Groups to even Anti Fascist Groups, even align themselves with them, just like Hitler did in WW2.
Hitlers Socialism also involved the work slavery of jews, gyspies, even christians, an many P.O.Ws.
Socialism paved its own version of Neo-Capitalism done in ways of taking advantage of the people, even if they be marked as an enemy, an shows no true form of equality or diversity.

The Race Baiters Have Accomplished Their Mission

Furgeson Mo., here we go again. It’s bad enough that a person has lost their life in that town. Regardless of skin color, life is life and death is death. These people don’t even know what was shown to that Grand Jury, but they are looting and rioting because they didn’t get the verdict they wanted. Ok children, lets throw a temper tantrum because we didn’t get what we wanted. The blacks are upset because they say they have been oppressed people ever since they came here from their homeland in Africa. Regardless of the fact that a majority of the slave traders work black Muslim slave traders from the middle east. By the way, they are still to this day selling slaves like they did almost 250 years ago.

Needless to say, the people who still believe they Caucasian race is the cause of their lot in life, still won’t accept the fact that in this great land, they can do anything they want to accomplish. Then come the race baiters. These are people who don’t want a race of people to succeed. People like Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson are proud of what they have done to prevent their own race from going forward one their own. They will show up every time there is an issue concern black and white race relations, but only of the black is the victim.

Where are these same race baiters when a white man is shot by a black policeman, or a white girl is raped by a group of young black boys? Why are these NOT prosecuted as hate crimes? The black americans in this country have changed the face of race relations tremendously in the last 50 years, yet that is still not enough. the EEOC was designed to make sure that blacks across the country got a fair shot at work in this country. It seems, that no matter what laws or in place ti help these people, it is never enough. I apologize for possibly sounding racist, what I am about say could be interpreted as such. But in my humble opinion, these people are not trying to achieve equal rights, they want to have superior rights handed to them.

The liberal media is doing their best to incite civil unrest every chance it can. The media has done everything it can to make sure the Furgeson Mo incident has never been taken out of the spotlight. Race relations have vastly declined since the Obama administration has taken over, the news media has helped promote this fact every chance it could. As long as there are people promoting these actions in this country, we are going to continue to have these riots and looting in these communities, simply because there are enough people who refuse change the mentalities that foster these things from happening.

The Liberals Never Saw It Coming

It is amazing at how bitter the liberals are that they took a shellacking in the midterm elections this year. For some strange reason, they didn’t pay attention to the cries of the American people over Obamacare, securing the border, and runaway spending. They are screaming like those of us that knew what was going on in the 2008 election screamed. The difference is, they are screaming with NO facts to back what they say, I had a friend of mine whom told me that all of the negative hype over Obamacare was nothing but lies. That only the conservative media were telling lies about how people were suffering so that it would make the Obamacare law look bad. It is amazing at how much denial the liberals will submit and never accept the truth of their policies. There is one fact that the conservative media has made during this election, people will vote from emotion long before they will educate themselves to make an educated vote. This year, the American public looked at the landscape and saw how the liberal agenda had eroded the country that they loved.

Now that the republican stronghold is even stronger, we can be prepared for the liberals to scream bloody murder because they can’t have their way with legislation. Never mind the fact that the American people created the landscape in both houses. My only hope is that the republicans understand that they can be replaced in the next election if they do not do what the American public want them to do. Make no mistake, this election is not about an agenda, it is about doing what the American people want. Liberals will tell us that we are not smart enough to know what we want, my suggestion is to walk quietly and be careful of the words they use, they are not going to be as tasty when they have to go down a second time. Apprehensively I would like to see the change we have all wanted for some time.

I will say this to all of the newly elected and re-elected republicans, remember, we are watching you, and understand that you can be replaced!

and they called us racists for telling the truth about Obamacare


I find it quite interesting how the “low information voter”, as Rush Limbaugh calls them, called everyone a racist when HR 2300 passed three years ago; yet everything conservative talk radio and conservatives as a whole were saying, are now coming true about Obamacare. I have heard several guests on talk shows say the best thing that could happen to Obamacare was to have it implemented. I AGREE! Let all those people who blindly followed their messiah find out how expensive “free healthcare” really is.

Too many of the critics of the right kept telling us all that it was not government healthcare, and that those that can not afford healthcare would be able to get assistance. Well so far, not many people can even find out because our wonderful bureaucratic government that must have control over everything in our lives, couldn’t even get proper testing of a website that…

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September 11

Today is the 12th remembrance of a horrific day in American history. We have to always remember how many lives that day changed. It is a day that is just like the JFK assassination back in 1963, yet worse. Not only were the lives lost in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania, but friends and families also bear the pain of that day. I remember where I was, and when I first saw footage of what was going on I thought it was a hoax, something that was being produced by Hollywood. Then it finally did hit me that it was something we all had to deal with and no hoax. To many innocent lives were lost, and yet, this country has had a resolve to get the people behind what happened that day. We have taken Bin-Laden, but has the pain lessened from what happened that day?

We are a great nation. The greatness that we enjoyed was because we as a nation believed in the one God and was granted His grace. We turned our back on God back in the 50s and 60s. We have people who believe we don’t need God’s graces and blessings. Yet these same people ask when tragedies such as 9/11, Aurora,Colorado, and Sandy Hook, “why would a merciful God allow something like this to happen?” Well the answer is going to be something a lot of people will not like. Like the gentleman He is, when God was asked to leave us alone, He did. No more will we have his graces until we turn back to Him. Even though we finally did render justice on Asama Bin-Laden, it was an empty even in US history. We have a Muslim president that only goes through the motions when it comes to defending this country. This is the same man who told the world the would “stand by his Muslim religion” if he had to make a choice.

Please understand, I realize that all Muslims are not bad people. The people who put us through what happened 12 years ago, however, came out of those same “good people”. Now I also realize that to say all Muslims are murderers is the same thing as saying all Christians are savages like Jeffery Dahlmer. I guess it’s just something we all have to deal with on a day like today. It’s never easy learning a lesson that we should have known, to prevent something like the events of 12 years ago. This country has twice elected a man who does not have our best interests at heart. He continues to ignore the American people when it comes to domestic and international policies. In closing, I would like to say, always remember 9/11, and always remember those innocent lives that were lost senselessly. God Bless the United States of America.


Recently in a television ad Exon-Mobile compared apples to oranges to make a point about our education in this country. Typical liberal thought processes. In the ad they talk about Olympian athletes that achieved their success through constant effort and training in their chosen sport. None of which I might add were subsidized by tax payer money or state sponsorship. To make the point of the ad, they then began to talk about how our wonderful federally funded and mandated education system has failed our kids and we are now 25th in math scores around the world.

Comparing apples to oranges is not the way to make a valid point. For the last forty years the solution to the education problem has been a constant inflow of tax payer money to make things better. As a result, the more money that poured into the system, the worse the system has…

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The propaganda machine rolls on

Well here we are again, another tragic shooting at of all places this time, a grammar school. This is admittedly a tragic happening especially at this time of the year. True to its own colors, the mainstream media has made this even nothing more than a feeding frenzy just like it did with Columbine and the Virginia State shootings. Take note however, it’s the news media that is talking more gun control laws, not the politicians at this point. The news media has had gun control a platform in its agenda for as many years as I can remember. Though what happened today is a very tragic event, and my heart goes out to those that lost their lives, as well as the families of the children and others, we need to keep our head about what actually happened.

At no point did those weapons fire themselves and kill the first person in this event. A person did that. If the news media is true to its own agenda, should the perpetrator prove to have been any religious belief but Christian, they media will not cry about gun control either. The nasty truth about it all is the media has chosen sides to every story it covers. I have to ask when will the American people learn this for themselves? The media is always going to lie about what it does so it can continue perpetuating itself without interference. There are too many people who have learned they can vote themselves a living from a ballot box to even care about what the media tells them, other than who will continue paying them for doing nothing. I asked someone the other day, “when whites become the minority in this country, will Affirmative Action continue to exist?” The honest answer is no, simply because no matter how much of a minority whites become, they will never be a political minority.

The great experiment is over. America when through the death rattle on November 4th 2008. We now have a majority of people who refuse to work, and want government to take care of them from cradle to grave. These are the same people who say capitalism is evil and unfair, but that’s only because they don’t want to do the work to be on top of their chosen career. Too many college graduates believe they should start at the top of their career field and work their way down the ladder. If that is their view on life then perhaps they should try being a politician. Think about it folks, politicians are the only profession in this country that individuals will spend 5 times or more the amount of the salary they would make to get the job just to say they were at the top of their field and have the power they are “deserving”. Only in America!

Election day 2012

Four years ago, many people went to the voting poles to express their desire for change. Unfortunately, when you go and vote for someone without investigating what they are saying to be true or false, you get what we’ve gotten for the last four years. That would be a pathological liar that thinks he owns the world from one chair in America. The great part about America is that we have elections every two years in this country, and that the mid-term elections do have a bearing on the upcoming presidential election. The American people made themselves heard by voting in tea party candidates that pledged to represent the people who voted them in, and not the special interests that paid the way for the votes.

As many of us go to the poles tomorrow, let us also not forget the men and women that selflessly gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country so that we can continue living the lives we were promised by our founding fathers. I only hope that in this election, the American voter learned their lesson, and can look back on what the last four years have brought us. It would send a huge message to a corrupt media that is just as guilty in what we have gone through as the individual that has brought this on us. No matter how bad things have gotten, we are still the greatest hope for freedom in the world.

As much as the current administration has talked about global this and global that, we have a global responsibility to be responsible. This may not be politically correct, but who needs political correctness except for liberals anyway? We need American Exceptionalism brought back, we need pride for our country and our people placed back into the hearts of all that are legally here. Most of all, we need the respect of the world and the knowledge that our allies will never be thrown under a bus when we have a child running this country because too many other people want to get something for nothing. Stand up America! It’s time we do what we do best, demonstrate without doubt our love for freedom and liberty!

Conservatives still believe in helping others

Now that hurricane Sandy has made a horrendous path of damage in the Northeast area of the country, the liberals are screaming that the “rich” should not be entitled to FEMA help. I say this; everyone that is a legal American citizen is entitled to any help from federal government down to private entities. Keep in mind, the liberals are still saying the rich are not paying “their fair share of taxes”, yet not one single liberal will ever say just how much “the rich” should pay as a fair share amount. I have said this many times before, even if the rich were to pay their fair share, it would not make a difference in what is our countries deficit. Yet the liberals will never admit what they are wanting is a handout for doing nothing. Once again I will make the challenge to the liberals, tell us all what the rich people you hate so much is the fair share they should be paying. I find it interesting that none of them will say just what the money amount is.

When Barry Soetoro advertised that Mitt Romney only paid 14% of his 2010 income, they were very careful to keep the dollar amount that 14% was from the American public. Do the math folks, 14% of 20 million dollars is 2.8 million dollars! Just how much more should he have to pay?! How many of the liberals will admit they pay anywhere near that amount? When are the people of this country going to understand that the average liberal of note makes millions more than any middle class family will ever dream of? It’s not so much the fact that the “rich” are not paying their fair share, it’s the fact that too many people have been put on the public dole and without the rich creating jobs to take them off, the government EXPECTS those they consider to be rich to pay the difference! Trickle up poverty has never and will never work in a capitalistic economy.

Once again, the tragedy that took place with hurricane Sandy is terrible to see and even worse for those that are living through it. I do not begrudge anyone financial help for those that were in the path of the storm. We are Americans, we help our own in time of need! At no time has it ever been about financial ability, it’s been about compassion and love for our fellow countrymen. For those of you that believe I am wrong, feel free to comment and let your expressions be known. I do not edit comments on this blog. Just remember however, if I reply to them be prepared to accept the truth when it’s given to you. God bless those in the path of Sandy, and God bless the United States of America.