The Unwanted Harassment!!!

Have you ever been Accused of something you weren’t, received harassing phone calls, even to the Point of where you report it to the authorities an they do nothing, even to where they stalk you when you come online.

An in the middle of it all they begin to not only target you, but also your friends, an making threats to them also.

These are acts of Terrorism of which the gang-stalkers & cyberstalkers do, where they desire to tear you down mentally,physically, and even affecting you financially, where the stalkers even go out of there way to call the places you work at, making up slanderous accusations against you, by which they have no foundational standing,Marking You as the Guilty Party, To Make them look Innocent.

The time to speak up of these events is now.


2 Responses

  1. been victim of a known stalker who is on paltalk

  2. Hello!

    My name is Quentin. I’m a Targeted Individual. I recently just launched a new social networking website for victims of gangstalking and electronic harassment. Visit the following blog post to learn more.

    Here is the direct link to the website.

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