When Internet and Media Censoring Goes Too Far

Have you ever felt like your Voice wasn’t being heard?  That you may have been Censored from from outside sources?

Well in China they have been dealing with this problem of censorship for years.

These days it is no secret that IP addresses can be tracked to a persons location, or even to a persons website or even blogs.

Yet with the promotion of software & websites which you could download, and even use to to find out who has been hacking your computer when present or not.

Yet what is there that is they want to hide(censor) from the public, are they scared that they may obtain too much knowledge, is are they scared they have obtained to less knowledge.

Its not the first time the topic of censorship has been debated, with censorship being used in wars, within schools, an even with the public media.

Now lets look to the uses & abuse of censorship, censoring children from violence to pornography is one use, yet if that child is witness to a crime of violence, does it really censor that child in real life, no it doesnt, the abuse of censorship to where it goes so far you start to get stalked for speaking your mind, even to gangstalking & cyberstalking.

Here are some sources covering the topic of Censorship.

Source 1   Source 2  Source 3 Source 4  Source 5 Source 6  Source 7  Source 8 Source 9 Source 10


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