The World Should Call For Inspections Of The World Powers An Their Organizations

When one thinks of World Powers, many think on a national, an so many on the International Level, many say the USA or Israel is a World Power, in fact, that is one of the biggest myths in this day and age.

Todays World Powers are:

The United Nations-which has changed it’s name over the years Starting Off as “The League Of Nations”
European Union- which is Pressing Forth its Reich to have complete Rulings Over the Whole of Europe
an Succeeding in Hitlers Plan an other before him in bringing in complete Unity the Whole of Europe.
NATO-Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization
Amnesty International- A So called Human Rights group that does more harm than Good
UniCef-Founded by the UN
GreenPeace-When it was 1st founded, it was mainly used in regards to enviromental issues only nothing
more, now being hijacked, by people who now wish to disarm the world.
CAIR-A muslim administration that seeks to silence those who speak ill of Islam to a world wide standard of
Islams version of Polictical Correctness.
OPEC-A group that has a Majority of Arab Muslim Countries Telling the World How much we have to pay for Fuel.

The List goes on with the World Powers & Their Organizations, They Love to Go Around an Tell the Nations what to do, Now its time for the Nations to Put these World Powers & Their Organizations Up for Inspections by the Public, no doubt once many hear of this article, they will play there holier than thou game to the public, an be the best hypocrites in the World.
Thing is, Every remembers the Wrongs these Organizations an Powers have Done.


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