Iran Steps Up Training Of Hamas Retaliation in the mid east

Iran has Decided to step up its training of Hamas Retaliation, not long after the Attack on the Hamas Leader in Dubai, with Israel who chose to be the Whipping Boy to take the flak on the Attack on the Hamas Leader, having even this blogger wondering why Iran of being so scared of Hamas to Fight them back in Iran itself, an showing the President of Iran is very serious to his Promise on not only Nuking Israel, also the USA.

Iran has increased exponentially its training of Hamas gunmen both in the Gaza Strip and abroad, a senior Egyptian security official told WND.
The official said Iran believes there will be a confrontation with Israel this year over Tehran’s nuclear facilities and has thus stepped up training of Hamas, whose gunmen will be instrumental in carrying out retaliatory attacks against the Jewish state during any future war.
The official said the training is taking place both in Gaza, where Iran has militants stationed, and in other countries, particularly in Lebanon and Iran itself.
He said an explosion in Lebanon last month that the Iranian-backed Hezbollah group blamed on Israel actually was part of a work accident during training exercises between Hezbollah and Hamas. Two Hamas members were killed in that attack, which Hamas claimed was targeting Hamas’s representative in Lebanon, Osama Hamdan.

Being the Report on the Mid East Attack on the Hamas Leader in Dubai, wasn’t done by Israel at all but IRAN.


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