The Governments lies

This is a subject near and dear to my heart as I have done a lot of research over this title. If you are outside of the United States, you perhaps will find a pattern that has also happened in your country. The United States government has for many years given the people of our country the illusion that we have a Constitution that protects “we the people” from our governments tyrannical intrusion into our lives. Yet as time has gone by, the government has grown more brazen at it’s intrusion into the privacy of our citizens lives. The biggest reason is because while government grew braver in stepping into our lives, at the same time, government was dumbing down the public so they would accept the intrusion as a normal way of doing things.

Knowing the indoctrination would never be questioned, the government has become more and more intrusive. It is now time that the lies were made public. It is also time to educate those that love the freedoms and liberties that the Constitution of the United States promises and guarantees. Just like roaches in the light, when exposed the government officials and banksters responsible for the biggest fraud ever committed in a country, run when they are exposed! If you are reading this in the USA, think for just one moment on this. How many times have you ever heard a politician speak about citizens rights under what we know as our Constitution? The illusion the elite have perpetuated is that we still currently have rights under this document. In all actuality, we do NOT. The Constitution of the US was suspended almost immediately after Franklin Delano Roosevelt was sworn into office. I encourage all of you reading this blog to verify what I am saying.

The greatest president in my lifetime to date, Ronald Reagan said once, “trust but verify”. I encourage you all to do the same thing. It is now time to expose the lies, and educate the people if we have any real hope in saving this great nation we all love as Americans.


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  1. Where students and I can post answers for others students.. Somewhere people can get answers for their quizes and tests.. No sarcastic answers or anything.. If enough people say yes, then I will definetely start one and send those people the link to the blog..

    • Although I am going to teach what has happened to our government and our nation on the blog, I am not going to quiz people over it. However, if you find the information valuable enough to pass along in a classroom setting, please feel free to do so. I want our country to be brought back to everything it was, and to have the people of this country understand the responsibility of being free and sovereign citizens

      “Government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem.” Ronald Reagan

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