Government Lies Continue Today

As I mentioned in the previous article, “we the people” have been lied to for many years. I refer to this as a “perfect indoctrination”. The government in this country has through stealth operations, slowly taken the rights from people who were not exercising them. The phrase “use them or lose them” comes to mind in this scenario. Keep in mind, it is not just fighting to reinstate our Constitution, it’s fighting to keep our rights as we know them. Our government is constantly trying to find ways to take what we have as rights in this country away from the citizens. Yet today, if you point everything I am talking about to the average man-on-the-street, you will probably be laughed at and ignored. This is a typical reaction to information that once verified to be the truth, is not accepted by those that believe the government education to be accurate. Now is the time to make people realize that our government is not a benevolent government.

I will say that our government is nothing more than a vehicle of plunder, and an outlet for redistribution of wealth. There were no entitlements in this country at the turn of the previous century. Yet now that we are in the 21st century, all you hear about is the need to have entitlements and that they can not be cut for any reason. What was wrong with communities helping out the less fortunate like we once did? Why does taxpayer money from hard-working Americans have to be taken at the point of a gun to be redistributed to those that do not feel the self-worth to work themselves? Please do not mistake what I am saying as being uncaring or cold to those that are legitimately in need for such services. I am quite the opposite. In my opinion, if you want to give to the truly needy, it should be left to the individual to do it on an individual basis.

The government response to such an idea is that the individual would not do so on their own. Might I point out the American people are the most generous, most caring, and most compassionate of all the people in the world. We do this in the name of God, the same God in which this country was founded under. We do and will take care of our own, just like we take care of those in other parts of the world when they are faced with natural disasters.


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