The American dream has been redefined

For most of us, the American dream was to have a home, be successful, and have a comfortable lifestyle. We were fed lies from the government about how this is available to all of us as citizens of this formally great nation. Today, the American dream is to have the Imperial Federal Government to stop it’s intrusion into our lives, and let us live and work to our true potential. Obviously, that is asking too much. Government seems to think this nation was great because of government, yet they can not show any realistic examples of how government has done what they claim. Not once did government contract the invention of the light bulb, it was invented because Thomas Edison would not stop until he had the invention he wanted to make. Government did not subsidize Edison to create his invention. In our world today, without taxpayer subsidies and government oversight, what can be invented? Why do the people of this country feel that government should provide everything for people who want to create the “better mousetrap”, when there was a time it was all done by the hard work and work ethic of people that didn’t depend on anyone but themselves?

People are going to have to begin to being accountable for their own actions, and responsible for what they do and say before we can ever begin to fundamentally change this country. Fundamentals are the basis of anything worth having. If you have honest fundamentals, the result is always positive because those that have them lead by example, not by what they say should be done. Personally, I believe we have yet to see America’s greatest days, but as people, we need to do what it will take to bring forth those days. Government will not do it for us. Ronald Reagan once said, “Government isn’t the solution to our problems, government is the problem.” Prophetic words, but very true. Perhaps Reagan wasn’t as far off as many people believe him to have been.


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