Does anyone believe in being responsible for themselves in this country?

The road through life is never easy if you want to live a decent life. Why do people take the path of least resistance and then blame others for their actions? If this country were founded by men like the people who do this, we would not be a nation and barely a prosperous county at this point. It’s a shame that people feel everything bad is someone else s fault, but if it’s all good they want to accept the glory for the deed that was done. Imagine how long Henry Ford would have been in business if he had taken the easy way to build the first assembly line in this country. Imagine all of the men and women that put their work and time into building the first rocket to take man to the moon.The work ethic in this country has slowly grind-ed down to one that has no pride about it, nor does it have the once good name of “made in America”.

I remember the days when “made in America” made the people who produced the item proud to have made it. Today the attitude is why not buy it from China, they can make it better. This is a total shame! Not only is it time to take pride in our country again, it is time we took pride in ourselves and the “can do” spirit that once was here needs to be reborn. Our economy was always based on what the American worker produced with pride and as that pride died off, our economy has slowly slipped away to the point of dependency of other countries kindness. If we have hope of any kind of recovery, we have to turn everything around and face up to our own shortcomings. Like it or not, it is a bitter pill to swallow, but none the less needs to be taken to turn things around. I still believe America is the greatest nation in this world. God granted the nation and the people who built it the greatest blessing of all mankind.

It is now time to show God and the world, we are worthy of everything God has blessed us with. There is no shame in doing so. It’s not bragging if you are telling the truth. We need to be able to look at ourselves in the mirror once again and be proud of our ability to do quality work and be quality people. I have mentioned before that the American people have always been kind and generous people to the entire world. It’s time to put our country first and take pride once again in the creation we earned through the blood of patriots, and be able to proudly say to the world, “I am an American”.


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