Racism will never go away. Maybe?

I find it hard to believe that the people of this country even stand for the name calling and hatred associated with what is called racism today.The ugliness of the 60s that was called the civil rights movement, when so many innocent people died has reared its ugly head again, and like before there are just as many people willing to fall for the premise of making things better. Unfortunately, this country had pretty much evened things out between the races with legislation, even social programs, not that I agree with everything that was done but those opinions will be kept in reserve for now. It wasn’t a matter of making things even for all as it turned out, it was a matter of promoting one race over another and not because of the qualifications of the individual but because of the color of their skin. After the 60s, there began to be a certain faction of black leaders that didn’t want to let the civil rights issue die. They had found that if they kept the issue in the background and spoke up once in a while, they could and did make a living worth millions of dollars, and those that believed them paid them blindly thinking things would get better.

As it turned out, things didn’t get better they have now gotten much worse. I personally don’t remember a day when if you did anything that was against even the opinion of another race you were called racist, and I remember the 60s quite well, it wasn’t like that. God weeps every time one of his children have to suffer a mindset that is against His, He doesn’t care what the color of the skin is, all he cares about is the child is His child and shouldn’t be treated any different from how He should be. When it all comes down and we do have to have our day in front of our merciful God, he will know how we treated others, and ask why we did harm to one of His children. I remember the day when many people said we would NEVER have a black president. Well even though he is half white and half black, he calls himself a black man. The point here is, if the people who wanted him in office thought that the racism would end by electing him, they were sadly mistaken. How much more apparent does it need to be that in order to have peace in this world, that God is going to have to be the one Man that brings it? Turn away from Him if you will, and if you feel He has not done for you what you feel He should, just ask yourself one question, “What have I done for God today?”

The biblical predictions and prophecies do not have to happen on any one day or any one year. If that were the case, each prophecy would have a date included as to when they were supposed to have taken place. God gave man free will, if man sees fit to waste such will He will not stop him from doing so, He can’t! Man then has the choice of hastening the prophecy into actuality, or putting them off to prevent them from happening tomorrow. Racism may never go away as long as there are men that depend on greed to help it grow. So there is a choice, we can help it go away as much as possible on this earth, or we can wait and find out just how much we are Gods’ children in paradise. The choice is yours.


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