Is America ready to accept the truth about her government?

Over about the last 5-6 days, I have tried to set things up with opinion over what has been going on in our country. As much as many people say that they love our country, when I tell them the truth of what I have researched about the happenings to our government, I get the “dear in the headlight” look or people look at me like I have fifteen heads. To be honest about it, this really doesn’t bother me. I have learned if people are not ready to accept the truth about our government, they will go on and continue to do what they normally do. I look to find one or two minds that have realized there is something just not right with things today. They are the ones already looking for answers like myself, but have no idea where to start. These are the true patriots and people I am looking to reach. I encourage those people as I begin teaching my research, to verify everything I tell them, prove me wrong or right, this is how true knowledge is gained.

It’s never been more obvious than now to see how things in this country and with our government have gone awry. Granted, it takes alot of courage to admit you have been lied to. It takes even more courage to find the truth and prove it, as well to prove everything to people who you know you trust that can handle the truth. So prepare yourself for alarming things that you never even dreamed would happen in this great nation of ours. The same great nation we grew up loving and swearing oaths to for many of us, to the point for many of making the ultimate sacrifice. I am going to dedicate myself to telling the truth for those whose voices have been silenced, and for many voices to be heard. It’s time to take everything back and make life great again in this country! With Gods’ help and your knowledge, we can do this and save our great nation for generations to come. God bless you the understanding of the truth as it is revealed to you.


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