Re-educating America Prelude

Over the last previous posts, I have laid the ground work for what is wrong with things in this country. I know there are a lot of people that will read what I am saying here and have the reaction of “yeah I know this”. However there are those that have been indoctrinated and never quite understood why things didn’t match up to what they were told. I know not everyone will believe what I am saying here. They will place me in the category of a right-wing nut job and dismiss everything that is said. That’s fine, I have been called much worse by much better people. There are those that will find the things I am saying interesting, and want to do more research on their own. These are the people I want to reach. In laying the ground work for re-educating people, I didn’t mention everything that is wrong. If I had done that, there wouldn’t be room for much educating. The ground work I did make are the basics. We all know without a good foundation, no building, house or country can stand on its own.

Our history is rich with honest God-fearing men that were the founders of this country. When asked by a woman as he left the Constitutional Convention, “what have you given us sir?” Benjamin Franklin replied “A republic if you can keep it.” Those were very prophetic words. We now are on the verge of losing everything our founding fathers had envisioned for this country. They weren’t community organizers, they were people who wanted a new beginning for anyone that came to this country. There was no hatred, there was no prejudice, there was only the belief that with God this country could survive anything put in front of it, and overcome all obstacles. For many years our founding fathers were right, we have overcome any obstacles that were put in our way in this country. I don’t remember when the “can do” attitude in this country changed to “we can’t”. It’s time we re-educated ourselves and resumed with the “can do” attitude.

Imagine where we would be had Henry Ford decided it was too hard to build an assembly line manufacturing process. Imagine where we would be if Thomas Edison hadn’t had the work ethic he had. Edison did more than just create the light bulb. It’s time America renews its industrial revolution. There was a time that “Made in America” meant something, it meant quality, it meant a quality work ethic making quality goods. Those days will come again, but only through re-education, and putting our faith back in God once again. Until the people of this once great nation come to this idea, we will continue to get what we have been getting. Government loves people who are apathetic, and complacent. We honor those great men and women that served during our world wars. It’s been said that the greatest generation of our country was those that fought in WWII. We need to be the greatest generation in our country’s history, we need to be the generation that saves this great nation and makes it great once more! As the information I provide you unfolds, I encourage everyone reading it to verify what I am providing you. If you see that I am wrong, provide me your proof and we will discuss it outside of the blog. This is the beginning of true education.

I believe America is still the greatest country in the world. I also believe America has yet to see her greatest days. I see the “shining city on the hill” that Ronald Reagan envisioned. The clouds are covering it now, and the rain is coming down on it, but sunny skies will soon bless the great city once again. We are the greatest people in the world because we were founded with the belief of God. That can never change, no matter how much the corrupt politicians try to change it. If you are a patriotic American this is your call to stand up for our country and do what is right!


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