9/11 ten years later

I am not going to show the images of such a tragic day in American history. I’d rather reflect and talk about all of the changes that have happened since that terrible day. Just like that fateful day at Pearl Harbor, everything changed in a matter of seconds, while at the same time everyone’s life was never the same afterwards. It doesn’t matter if you believe the conspiracy theories, or if you believe what you saw. The fact of it all is that everyone that was alive that day saw an event that changed their life for as long as they live in this world. Since then, government has asked if we would give up certain liberties to be more secure. However, in typical government fashion, the liberties were taken, and the promise of better security was never paid off. I have desperately tried not to put my own personal opinion in my blogs, but today I think I am entitled to do so simply because of the events ten years ago affected everyone. Today I get to give my opinion for all to see the kind of person I am.

Our founding fathers stated that if you were willing to give up your liberty for security, you deserve neither. I fully agree! When will the people of this country ever get the full picture? The rights that are given to us in the Constitution were rights of God, not of man. Our country has gone down so much in ten years, it resembles nothing of what it was when I was a child. Ask yourself this, are you really more secure now then you were ten years ago? Personally I don’t think we are as a nation. We now have a very intrusive government agency that molest people as they travel through an airport. They racially profile American citizens in the name of security, and let the most likely terrorist walk past without questioning. We presently have a government that tells nothing but lies, and with the mindset of the elected officials know better than the people who elected them. Our Constitution guarantees that “We the people” are the final say so on government policy, not they the ruling elite! This is the exact government our founding fathers warned us about in the Declaration of Independence, yet because most people see nothing wrong with government as it goes unchecked and unchallenged.

This nation can not stand much more of such governmental control. It’s time we stand up as one and tell government we are the power, NOT YOU! I’ve said this many times, and once again I am going to tell everyone that reads this blog, until we turn back to God, we are going to do nothing but get worse. My opinion is this, the corruption in this country needs to end, starting with the government down! As we all know, anytime a leader leads by example, the people of this country will follow them. Just what does this say about the current elected leader? Now is the time for change, not just economic, not just political, but spiritual as well. Until that happens we will all get the same thing we have always gotten. Is that what you want? I certainly don’t. I am also willing to bet I am not the only one! Like in every election, only an educated vote is a valuable one, voting out of ignorance or greed will result in just that. Ignorance and greed. If you are not willing to educate yourself with the candidates, don’t complain when things are going in a different direction than the one you want.

So ask yourself this. Are we more secure ten years later, or are we more enslaved by a government that wants to control every aspect of our lives?


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