Gee liberals, it’s “We the People of the United States”

We live in a society that seems to believe only partial definitions. In case you are curious about what I am talking about, I will explain. We have politicians that believe this country is open to anyone simply because of one phrase, “We the People”. It seems that most of the people doing this is a liberal or a socialist. Unfortunately, the rest of the phrase they seem to omit is “We the People of the United States”. Why else would the liberals think that we should allow anyone into the country without going through immigration procedures? I believe it’s got a lot to do with violating the laws but also they justify their actions citing “We the People”. For those of you that believe they are doing the right thing, might I point out, the Constitution was written for citizens of this country. NOT THE ENTIRE WORLD! Contrary to Barry Soetoro’s belief, our Constitution has limits and boundaries, it does not extend to the entire world and exclude the citizens of this country. Barry Soetoro promised to “fundamentally change this country” when he ran for president. He’s well on his way to doing it.

People still believed what they wanted to believe. Those that back him even today, still don’t understand they are not going to get the “stash” they thought they would get. Having watched the 2008 elections, I was never more convinced of the perfect indoctrination this country had been subject to, or had been made to believe. Now the sleeping giant is being awakened from its slumber. Having had awaken him, is it a real good idea to call him names and down play the significance of the giant being awaken? I think not! Barry Soetoro and his minions have done more damage than any other president in the history of this country, yet all they can do is blame everyone else but themselves. Have we gotten so far away from personal responsibility in this country that it no longer means anything? It’s time “We the People of the United States” stood up and made ourselves known. We need patriots, and we need them now!


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