could it be Herman Cain is todays Ronald Reagan?

Just a little over 30 years ago, a candidate that people knew a little about but were not very familiar with began campaigning for president. He had a little political experience but he was better known for other things he had done in his life. As he began hitting the campaign trail not many people in the media took him seriously. This man however had a message, and it began resonating with conservatives across the country. His message was about limited government, lower taxes, and personal responsibility. His own party never really took him seriously. Why? Because he was campaigning the old-fashioned way. He was getting out talking to people one on one, he didn’t depend on being separated from voters by a camera or a podium. His principles had taught him to speak to people one on one, look people in the eye to let them know how he felt, and shake their hand as to complete the personal contract with each person. Very simple things that he had been taught growing up, and were going to be a major point with the American people so they would know where he stood. Perhaps he had learned through his acting career that shaking hands and kissing babies meant something to the people. Whatever the case, it made him successful as a politician. Ronald Reagan wasn’t worried about party, he was worried about the people and the country. He stood by his principles, he stood by his conservative beliefs, and it served him well enough to get him elected.

Fast forward 30 plus years, and today we have a candidate that is doing the same thing. A man who started from a meek childhood and existence. A man who had a mom that was a maid, and a dad that did everything he could do to support his family including being a chauffeur. His parents however, taught him to be self-sufficient and to work to get what he wanted. He never took a handout to get where he wanted to be. He did not fall into the belief those of his race believe. He stood on his own two feet and lead people to their own greatness. As this race unfolds, Herman Cain has not paid attention to the media, because he knew they would not give him the credit he deserves. This man is still doing things like Ronald Reagan did, the old-fashioned way. The biggest thing Herman Cain does, is reiterate and promote American exceptionalism in the people he talks to. As a result people respond positively to him, just like they did with Reagan when he did the same thing. History has yet to be written as to how well it will serve Cain, but in my opinion, he’s off to a terrific start.


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