Barry Soetoro appologizing again, for all of the wrong reasons!

Barry Soetoro seems to be so good at apologizing, that now he is even doing so to the family of a man who was killed in Yemen. Perhaps Barry is upset that the taxpayer money couldn’t be used to house the traitor. We all know how much he loves spending other people’s money. Barry, perhaps when someone makes a statement such as “he is proud to be a traitor to the United States”, there could be some validity to the statement. Once you declare war on the United States, why should your citizenship matter? This man did just that. Regardless of his citizenship, he got what he deserved. Barry, aren’t you the same man who said “the volunteers that go into the military know the risks they are taking and shouldn’t be subject to subsequent care for their service”? Isn’t it interesting how no military lives were lost in the strike?

Your concern only seems to be of not spending money that you don’t want to spend for things you find as frivolous. Our defense is not frivolous, it is a necessary cost of a free nation. Barry is there anything you think that can’t be bought with money? Security obviously is not one of the things you reluctantly want to spend money on. Perhaps when someone you are close to dies because of an attack on US soil, you might find defense spending more of a priority! Oh yeah, since you did apologize to the family in the press, I sincerely hope you go there in person and bow down to them in the same fashion you bowed to our enemies in the middle east.


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