Lesson 2: Seeing how our government has made us enemies

Up until the National Emergency of 1933, better known as the War Powers Act of 1933, people did not need a license to drive an automobile. Yes, there were automobiles prior to that time. The only persons that were licensed, were those that were involved in commerce. For example, anyone delivering goods from one company to another. The bankers that were involved with creating and passing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, influenced Franklin Roosevelt to shut down the banks so that the government could confiscate the gold that was in their reserves.

This allowed for the Federal Reserve system to be put into place some 20 years after the passage of the legislation.The significance of this was that no longer would banks lend money only if they had it in their reserves. This was the beginning of fractional banking. I would like to point out at this time, if you are not aware of fractional banking, perhaps you should do some research on the topic and learn for yourself what has happened. Simply put, it made banks able to make loans without the money there to be loaned. I would also encourage you to do a search for the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. If our country was based on the Constitution and the beliefs of that document, you should see how everything began to unravel when you research this act.

Part of the legislation that resulted from the “bank holiday” in 1933, was Roosevelt also amended the Trading with the Enemies Act of 1917. By amending this act he made the American citizens enemies of the government of the United States. By doing this, it gave the government more intrusive powers into each life of the citizens of this country. Government was then allowed to license anyone to drive, charge fees that were not in place before, and keep a closer eye on everyone that lived inside the borders of this country. When you do the research, you will see the only war that existed in 1933, was the war that the federal government declared on the American people.


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