The mainsteam medias failure to sway opinion

With the recent scandal surrounding the Herman Cain camp, most people would think it would create a big problem for the Cain Campaign. However, the exact opposite has happened. With all of the mainstream medias attempts to discredit Cain and the incident that happened almost twenty years ago, Herman Cain is taking in more money than ever before! The mainstream media still doesn’t get it. As much as they have tried to throw mud on Herman Cain, nothing seems to be sticking, as a matter of fact, it is growing his popularity free of charge for Cain. Could it be that the American people are a lot more educated than they were as little as four years ago, or could it be that no longer are the American people going to accept the “superior opinion” of the mainstream media?

People have learned the media does things for a purpose. People are also tired of having the media pick their winners, and the American people just fall in line because the media implies they should. This election is finally about the people of this great country, and how well they make their decisions when it comes to their elected officials. There is another guiding influence however, one that government doesn’t want people to take notice of. No matter how much Barrack Obama may want the rest of the world to believe America is no longer a Christian nation, all because he says so, we are still a Christian nation. Maybe now when the primaries begin in less than 65 days, the same guiding influence will still be there.

Nevertheless, it’s time for “We the People of the United States” to stand up and do the right thing, just like we have always done when tough times come to this country. Like we always have done, we will keep our faith and our guns next to us, and we will once again show our faith in God is true. Heaven help those that believe otherwise.


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