How many of us believe freedom is something that is handed down? How many of us believe that freedom is something that is guaranteed just by the mere existence of this country? Freedom is as fragile as a newborn child. There are many things that we all have to do to ensure that freedom is here for all of us. Let me explain just some of the things that are required to keep freedom in place. Protecting freedom isn’t just sending our sons and daughters to fight wars that older men start. The preservation of freedom begins in our own home towns. It begins with jury duty for example, although most of us hate having to participate, it’s a necessary part of our judicial system in this country. One of the biggest things that guarantees freedom is personal responsibility. Our society today is turning it’s back on such simple principles in this country.

Although freedom isn’t an inherent trait, it does begin at conception. When a woman conceives, it is her personal responsibility to herself and the unborn to bring that child into the world. Contrary to society’s belief, abortion is not birth control, it is murder. Responsibility and freedom are siblings, they walk hand in hand with each other, and are very dependent on each other. When you have no personal responsibility, you have no freedom. These are just a few things that we have as a responsibility to ourselves and to our country. Unfortunately, just these simple examples are more than most people are willing to do for themselves, much-less anyone else or our country. Just exactly what does this say about our society today, and the outlook for our country?


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