Veterans Day 2011

Today we honor our veterans. The sad part is why they have fought to defend an unworthy country. Before you criticize me, let me explain. Our Founding Fathers set up this great country to be the greatest hope for freedom. They were explicit in how things were to be set up and run, this is evident in the first 7 Articles of our Constitution. They set up for us all, checks and balances between three definite but necessary branches of government. In today’s world however, it seems the checks and balances do not exist, and that the “free press” is now part of the government. The Founding Fathers believed in a judicial system in which you are innocent until proven guilty. Does that same judicial system exist today? A lot of you will say yes. I will say it ended when the Constitution was suspended. If you are a public figure in this country, you stand a chance of being tried and found guilty in the “court of public opinion” even if you have committed no crime. This was a problem even in the early days of the founding of this country. Being men of honor, the Founding Fathers did not add restrictions to the Constitution, they left it up to “We the People of the United States”, to determine what to allow to be credited with the truth.

The founders believed that free men would accept responsibility without regard to its inconvenience. As much as people have turned their back on doing the right things, being responsible, and having honor, there are still men and women that believe in those very simple principles. These are the men and women we honor on Veterans Day. Without those men and women, we as a nation would not remain the last great hope for freedom. Today not only do we have a political party that has no respect for our military, we have a president that has very little regard for its veterans. This is the same president that in the early days of his administration stated, veterans should be responsible for their own healthcare because they knew the risks when they joined the military.

When will people understand, if it weren’t for the veterans of this country, we would not have the few liberties we have today? People do not seem to understand the “horrors of war”. The civilians of this country do not understand what our brave men and women veterans have seen in their time of service. Unless we have strapped on the boots and walked in the footsteps of those that have defended this country, there’s no way we can possibly understand what it is like to have bullets flying around our heads while we are trying to save a buddy next to us. Any armed conflict is horrendous, but for those doing the fighting, the nightmare seldom ends. It’s time they are welcomed as the true heroes of this country and of freedom they truly are! I read something once before that is similar to the following. If you can add 2 plus 2 and read this, thank a teacher, if you are reading it in english, thank a veteran. I would like to take this time to formally thank all the veterans that read this. Thank you from a grateful patriot.


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