How quickly people forget

Just a little more than one year ago, the conservatives in this country went to the polls and voted in “tea party” candidates to office. Doing this meant the best we could hope for is deadlock in congress. Here we are a year later, and being true to their word, they (the tea party members) have done exactly what they campaigned on. Stopping Barry Soetoro and his socialist agenda from running roughshod over the American public. Now the public sentiment, at least through the mainstream media, is that people are tired of gridlock. Personally, I am happy to see it. For once we finally have people of character that have followed through with their promises. If we want real change, and real progress, the best thing we as conservatives can do is to elect more tea party members!

I know I personally pointed out just before the election last year that the MOST we could hope for was gridlock. This was simply because we didn’t have both houses of congress to control. What concerns me the most is how seemingly disenchanted the voters are today with what was created a year ago. I know people don’t like doing things that inconvenient them, but this is a time in this country’s history where we have no other choice. At the present rate, we have two choices. We can stand up for our Constitution and be the last greatest hope for freedom in this world, or we can continue down the current path and find out firsthand how bad communism really is. I know there are those that will support Barry Soetoro just because of his skin color. These people would never accept the truth about this man even if it were laid out in large font letters for them to read easier. Assuming they have the ability to do so. However, as conservatives, we are going to have to force the republican party to accept us as well as accept our principles of governing.

At this point we have very little representation in our government. The last statistics I heard was that approximately 80% of the voters in this country are conservative.This makes conservative the largest voting majority in this country. When will we finally admit that we are awake from our long slumber, and do just as much to promote our agenda, as the liberals have theirs? If none of what I have written to this point has reached the reasoning part of the brain consider this, we have more than one million men that have died for the rights and freedoms of this country. If not for us, and future generations, we have a responsibility, and a duty to make sure those that died for our country did not do so in vain! We take back the republican party and MAKE them represent us, or we go down remembering what America was like when it was free. Only time will tell which one will happen.


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