The Fourth most powerful branch of Government

Am I the only person that sees this? I know there are a lot of people who are intelligent enough to see what I am seeing with the mainstream media. These are much more educated people than myself. Ever since the electronic revolution in this country, the mainstream media has swayed public opinion into believing what they want the public to believe. Although the founders never intended that the press be a branch of our government, it seems as though it has become just that. Is this the ramblings of a mad man? I ask that you consider incidents that the press has swayed public opinion and therefore government to do what the press felt should be done. One of the cases in point is the Teddy Kennedy accident at Chappaquiddick. If Teddy Kennedy had not been a member of the Kennedy family, would the press have covered it differently? I believe they would have tried him in the “Court of Public Opinion” to have him crucified. However, since he was a Kennedy, he was tried in the same court and people were swayed to believe he was totally innocent. The corruption that surrounded the Kennedy family kicked in, and Ted Kennedy only had to deal with a misdemeanor charge, not vehicular homicide.

Next case in point was the Watergate break in during the Nixon administration. Again, the press had complete control over the public mindset, and used that to convict Nixon even before he had the chance to clear his name. This was so evident that even Congress had begun an impeachment committee to have Nixon removed. Since when has the press ever been given enough power to change the way our government works? I have spoken many times about how complacent the American voter is in this country, but when you have a media that is promoting such complacency to accomplish its own agenda how can one expect anything but such result. If we want to make change happen in this country, shouldn’t it begin with one of the biggest sources? The press is fully aware of the control it has over the American voter. They use it every day of our lives to sway public opinion so the press can sit back and be proud of itself. Then call what the press does as good journalism.

Now fast forward to our world today, and the press still promotes the same agenda as it did in the 60s and 70s. This is the same press that refused to use Barrack Hussein Obama’s middle name until the night he was elected president. The same press that has promoted and heralded all of the Obama regimes socialist agenda as good for our country. Why aren’t we as Americans not holding our press to a much higher standard than we are? As far as I am concerned, when you commit a crime, you have no protection under ANY amendment in the Constitution. The press knows it and they still refer to 1st amendment protection. We have sat back and allowed not only a government, but an unofficial branch government to determine what is best for our country. I ask you this, is this the way America was meant to be? Not only do we need to stand up to our government, but we need to stand up to the same people who report opinion as news and expects people to believe it as the truth!


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