The Fourth most powerful branch of Government Cont.

When it comes to watching the news media, why do people just accept them to be telling the truth? I am tired of people blindly following what the news media says to make a choice in their candidate for any public office. The mainstream media likes to promote they are telling the truth. Really? When it is obvious we have a mainstream media that wants to have this country under it’s control, and to have people follow them blindly, why should we believe they are telling the truth. Bias is obvious to even a blind man! If this is considered bashing the media then so be it, this is something that should have been done years ago! Personally, I am tired of seeing the media sit back and be proud of themselves for swaying people to believe they are the authority over what the news is, when they know for a fact they aren’t reporting news ONLY OPINION! We have a news media that doesn’t cover the news as it is happening because of it being against the belief of an administration. However, we do have a news media that creates stories out of accusations that have no substantial proof behind them.

The people of this country need to finally tell the news media to stuff it! The biggest reason the mainstream media starts reporting election results on the east coast before the west coast polls are closed is to sway those votes on the west coast. The news media may say the “people have a right to know” but how is it a right to know when there is a hidden agenda behind what they do? If it weren’t for the news media backing Barry Soetoro, would he be in the office of president today? The news media made Barry what he is, yet they refuse to admit they were wrong in what they did. Personally, I think everyone that promoted Barry Soetoro to be president in the news media is guilty of fraud. Keep in mind, once they are charged with any crime such as this, their 1st amendment rights don’t have much protection when the proof is there for all to see. Our mainstream media needs to be held accountable for what they say and do just as much as our government does. Seems to me they are just as guilty of promoting propaganda as is our government.

If Herman Cain had been running as a democrat, he would not have ever had to deal with accusations such as the sexual harassment charges he’s dealt with. However, he isn’t running as a democrat so therefore he is tried in the court of public opinion, and with the news medias help found guilty because the media doesn’t want their man to lose an election. This is the same news media that found nothing wrong with the sexual escapades that went on in the Clinton administration. When things finally came to a boiling point the news media promoted everything as “it’s all about sex”. Never mind the fact Clinton had committed perjury. I challenge any member of the media to deny these facts. If you feel the need to forward this to someone that is in the media, by all means DO IT! The news media is even more corrupt than our government, and to cover it up they are not reporting the news the way it should be reported, FACTUALLY.

Our Founding Fathers left it up to the people of this country (legal citizens) to decide what we believed as the truth when it came to the media. However, when it gets to the point they are committing fraud and promoting agenda I feel they have overstepped their boundaries.


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