Thanksgiving 2011

Here we are in the holiday season of 2011. Perhaps, it is a very good time to reflect on just what the pilgrims had to be thankful for and why this is such a significant day even today. We all talk about what this country can not handle in today’s world. If we go through to the very beginning of this country as we know it, the obstacles the pilgrims had to face were much worse than anything we have today. Yes, I know government is over intrusive, yes I know we have corruption running rampant. In the days of the pilgrims, there was no government. There was just a strange new land with new possibilities. Once the landing on Plymouth rock took place, it was a matter of survival. Even then, the pilgrims had made a pact amongst themselves, that the new land would be where they would live or die.

When the pilgrims landed, they had to build and create a new life on a strange and foreign land from where they were used to being. Through the brother-ship of the pilgrims, there was a new alliance formed with the natives of this new land. The American Indian. Both peoples were able to from a bond of friendship, and work together to achieve a new society based on values of our God. The Indians showed the pilgrims how to find food that they could eat. Although there were many skilled tradesman with the pilgrims, with the Indians new trades were made and new skills were learned to build suitable housing to keep everyone warm and safe from the weather. These were the things people had to be thankful for. The Indians also showed the pilgrims their natural medicine when illness came upon the new settlers. There were no drug store or apothecaries in those days. There had to be trust in the fact the native Americans would do what was good for the ill. Once that trust was earned, and people survived the illness they were afflicted with, the new settlers went to the Indians to learn the natural remedies they had used. During the seasons, the Indians taught their new friends how to plant food for their own nourishment that would grow in the area they were living.

The harsh winters were met with the same cooperation from both parties. Although this may sound like something easy for us today, the trust had to be earned. In the days of the early settlement of this country, trust wasn’t given as easily. Finally, as the new settlement became self-sufficient, there was a day of Thanksgiving for all. On this day, not only were the new settlers involved, but their fellow hosts to this country also gave thanks to God for the spirit of friendship and cooperation that both peoples enjoyed between each other. They had a lot to be thankful for. We do too. Even today, as bad as things are in this country, those of us that still have even the least standard of living have a lot to be thankful to God for. So I will close with this Thanksgiving wish to all. As we sit down to our favorite dishes on the table this year, remember to thank God for everything in our lives, and for the spirit of love and cooperation created by two small groups of people hundreds of years ago. Thank you God for everything you have done for me, my family and our country.


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