We HAVE to reign in the mainstream media or face extinction!

When will the people of this country understand that the mainstream media is NOT their friend? How much more obvious does it need to be? We have people who believe everything the news media says even today in this country. Ever since the news media has been able to report “news as it happens”, the media has been telling people what the media wanted them to know. Tell me this isn’t true. We have instances of media bias that go all the way back to radio. The only time the media didn’t have as much influence in this country, was when it was print media only. Even then, the description of events were subject only to the writer of the story.

How many of us have ever heard the old phrase “believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”? Understand that if you are not where the “news” is happening you are going to be subject to one or more persons interpretation of the story. Is this the way that news needs to be reported? Most of us all want the news as it happened without agenda to influence the story. The press was given Constitutional protection for a reason. All through history, the first thing that goes when a government is overturned is the media. I submit to you, the media is at fault more so than our government. With 1st amendment protection, there is nothing to stop them from doing exactly what they are doing. So why do people blindly follow a group of people who obviously are not doing things in the best interest of the public?

In today’s world, there are numerous sources of news available to us all.Granted you still have the problem of the writer telling you what they want you to know. However, if you are willing to research and investigate the news like you would an investment of money, you will find the truth of any story. This all goes back to personal responsibility. As much as most people in this country want things given to them with the least amount of work, if they are not working to earn anything they want they should be responsible for what they believe to be the truth. As much as I hate to say this, we ARE lazy! We have had things given to us as a people for too long without being responsible to how we got them.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we have allowed the media to set the agenda in this country, be it political or society. If this country continues on the path it is currently on, we will be the first country to go under at the hands of the news media and the press. We have the best of things in this country. We even have the best government money can buy. Why would the same statement not be true about the news media in this country? Many people will feel I am not telling the truth about this. I submit to you to do your own investigation. In previous blogs I have made mention of how the media bias affected what went on in this country. All you have to do is verify what was said and form your own opinion.

We are Americans. That means something more than most people believe! It means we demand the best, we strive to be the best, and we deserve the best life has to offer in this country. It means we are a proud people with a long history of standing up for what is right. We have gotten lazy because we thought it was owed to us, with very little effort in attaining the best. We need to stand up and not only prove to the country and the world, that we are not lazy. We are still the country people come to for freedom. What do you think it tells the world when we blindly believe agenda from the news media without investigation? Patriotism or not, we as Americans need to stand up and DEMAND better!


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