Shame on you Tea Party members!

When the tea party movement began in 2009, one of the biggest platform issues that was mentioned was it wanted no more career politicians. The average everyday John Doe had to be better than any of the career politicians that we had in office at that time. Now granted, to find Jesus walking among us was going to be very difficult to find. I have to ask would Jesus run for political office in the situation of today’s corruption and greed? As the field began to develop this year, there was one candidate that literally fit the bill for the tea party. So, like the typical fickle Americans we have been for the last 40 years, the tea party ignored the non career candidate because they wanted someone with experience in office.

Perhaps this is a rather obvious point, but if you want a non career politician, they are NOT going to have political experience! Is this what our country has become? Are we in search of a man without sin? If that is the case, we are in major trouble. The American people have been brainwashed to believe everything our news media reports as the truth. When the tea party formed, I personally had hope that there were a lot of Americans that had begun to see what I had seen. Obviously I was wrong. Unlike many Americans, I have no problem admitting I am wrong when I am. I guess everything I was taught in school and have learned about America since my school days was just a pipe dream. To think that Americans would stand up, and suggest change to our government, was asking more than most people would accept I suppose.

The tea party movement has become stagnant this year. I have to ask why? Did those people think that once they got tea party believers in office their job was over? If that is the case, the tea party is just as much of a fraud as are all of the other political factions in this country. I don’t want to hear “well they had good intentions”. The road to hell is paved with tons of good intentions! If good intentions was what we based our way of life on, we would have been a third world country shortly after WWII. In my opinion you either believe in the founding documents or you don’t. If you don’t know what they say, and have never read them, READ THEM! They were written in plain, simple english for everyone to be able to read and understand.

Today we have groups of people all around this country occupying public parks and protesting. Half of them don’t even know why. These people proclaim themselves to be the 99% of Americans that are not rich and are getting shafted by the 1%. Communism taking root, and the American people refuse to see it or admit it. Someone asked me in the last couple of months, “What will it take to get our country and government back to what it was?” My reply was “a complete reset”. If this country has any hope of remaining free and being the only beacon of hope and freedom in the world, as painful as it may be to reset, it will be necessary to do. I don’t believe the tea party movement will be the answer. It has shown its true colors in the recent past. Once you back down from what you say you will stand against you lose what credibility you had.

The American people have heard enough false promises, we WANT and demand action now! It is becoming more and more apparent that the tea party movement is NOT the answer. So I have to ask, what is the answer? There are more and more Americans fed up with the current situation that do love our founding documents, and do love our freedom. There are more and more talking about taking up arms and leading a revolution. As each day goes by, with what little action is going on, could this be the only and last hope for our country? Please don’t misunderstand me, those elected tea party members have done the best we could hope for under the situation they were placed into office. I applaud them for taking a stand and not backing down from it.

But if the tea party doesn’t want to have a career politician in office, and then refuse to back the only non career politician running, what does that say about the tea party? Just remember, “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!”


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