Congratulations News Media, you have again proven your superiority.

Well, as I sit and watch the news media pundents pat themselves on the back for taking another candidate out of the race for the republican nomination, I have to wonder just how long will it be before the American people rise up against the same racist news media? Keep in mind, these were the same people who told America when Barry Soetoro was elected, if you were against him you were a racist. These were the same people who when all of Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades happened, dismissed them because it was all about sex. Bill Clinton had far more solid evidence against him with his sex allegations than Herman Cain had. Yet in true fashion, the news media tried Cain in the court of public opinion. How do you win any case when the opposing side holds all of the cards, even if there is no solid evidence of wrong doing?

This is what is called good journalism today. Just how would those same people who have reported allegations take the same thing being done to them? Just because they report the news, that doesn’t make them immune from being entrapped the same way they do their chosen victims. The only reason the mainstream media ever focused on Herman Cain, was because he won the Florida straw poll. Up until that moment, they didn’t consider him a viable candidate for the White House.

If Barry Soetoro had been called everything the liberals had called Herman Cain, would he have been voted in as president? What would have happened if a law professor had told Barry Soetoro that he needed to “get off of the symbolic crack pipe”? Why didn’t the mainstream media report Barry Soetoro for being an “uncle Tom”? Yet, the mainstream media calls those of us that didn’t vote for Barry a racist? If you are honest with yourself, you have to see where the racism truly exists.

Liberalism being promoted by the news media is going to end every freedom we have in this country. The media does not report the clear and present danger of a non violent invasion from the southern border. The administration and the news media refer to those crossing over illegally as undocumented workers, not what they really are, illegal aliens. We have an administration that has paid the way for Palestinians to come here and begin the colonization of America for Islam. Does the news media report this? Is this a top news story by the media?

Where are the true journalist of this country? The ones that believe that only the truth should be reported and opinion kept aside. Will the news media be the ones that proudly tell their children and grandchildren that they remember when America was free? When they do, will they also tell them that it was the news media that made the difference? I doubt they will. It will be placed on the American people because they chose to listen to the media.


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