Now the media judges itself over how they treated Herman Cain

I find it repulsive how the news media is proclaiming non bias in how they treated Herman Cain. Of course the news media pundents only ask themselves if they were unfair, never mind public opinion. Even Fox News has their time with justifying their coverage of the entire string of allegations against a private citizen running for president. This is very similar to what is going on in congress today, with the insider trading investigation. Get this, we have politicians investigating other politicians, and asking if they ever used information they got on legislation to trade stock of companies that would be negatively impacted by it. Does anyone in their right mind expect the politicians to find any wrongdoing? If this doesn’t exemplify the point, why doesn’t every chicken farmer use foxes to guard their hen-house?

So needless to say, the news media found nothing wrong with convicting Herman Cain in the court of public opinion on nothing more than cheap allegations, and absolutely no solid evidence. Now in true form, the news media, and that includes Fox News, are slapping themselves on the back for doing such a great job of “true journalism”. Heaven help any of them if they are ever found facing allegations of even jay walking, and it being made public. None of the same news media has focused their attention on true national matters since the Cain allegations came to the forefront. Why aren’t they going after Eric Holder as hard as they did Herman Cain? Why isn’t Barry Soetoro being exploited with his gay sex allegations that were made prior to his election in 08?

Let me say this, I sincerely hope that the allegations are true for the news medias sake. If they are found to be false, I sincerely hope we all DEMAND the media to make a top news story out of it! This is like trying a serial murderer in front of a jury of murders. It’s all well and good that the serial murderer killed numerous people, until the jury finds out that he/she molested a child prior to its death. If the allegations of sexual misconduct are found to be false, and they are a result of some big payoffs to the complainants, Herman Cain needs to go after every single news organization for libel and slander. There should be as much mercy given to the news media as they have given him!


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