Political correctness and liberalism

Here we are in the midst of the worst economic collapse in not only our country, but world history, and yet the liberals seems to think there’s nothing wrong with any thing they are doing. Liberals seem to think we shouldn’t offend anyone. They also seem to think that political correctness is the answer to the worlds problems. I find it odd how we ever made it to this point without political correctness. If I offend you, I promise that you will not find anywhere in the Constitution that guarantees you the right not to ever be offended.

Today, it is politically correct to blame those “evil rich people” because they won’t share their wealth with “those less fortunate”. We have an entire movement going on in our country that believe the CEOs of these companies are not entitled to massive bonuses, yet, they say nothing about the millions of dollars of taxpayers money paid to the directors of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Am I the only person that doesn’t understand this?

We have an office holder in the White House that has yet to be “properly vetted”, the liberals seem to think that nothing is wrong with it. Had it have been a conservative candidate, they would be screaming bloody murder and standing there with the Constitution in their hand talking about how it was being violated. These are the same liberals that don’t want to hear about the Constitution when it’s legislation they want passed, or someone they want to have appointed in an office illegally.

I find it funny that these people were the ones that raised the roof when Al Gore lost the election in 2000 all because of the votes in Florida, yet they say nothing when there is proven voter fraud involved in keeping one of their “good ole boys” in office. The hypocrisy is mind-blowing. What is even more mind-blowing is the American voter allows this to happen and says nothing about it! When will the people of this country understand that saying or doing nothing about a wrong is the same thing as condoning it?

Our founders had faith that in placing the power in the people of this country, it would prevent exactly what is happening. The liberals believe that our Constitution was written for the world, not just this country. If you think this is a far-fetched notion, listen to them. How often do you hear them say “We the People of the United States”? If there is hope for this country, it is going to have to be ending political correctness and returning to common sense. Isn’t it odd how we are supposed to be a country based on the rule of law, yet we have people who are elected that feel they are not subject to the laws they pass for “us” to live under. Politically correct or not, common sense will save this great nation.

I find it amusing how the liberals refer to our government as a democracy, yet even in a true democracy, they would not have a majority to rule in this country. In my opinion, liberalism is a self-inflicted mental disorder. Those that think liberalism and socialism will save this country should be made to leave with a one way ticket to the nearest socialist country. Once they are there, their citizenship should be revoked and they should never be allowed to return. It doesn’t make sense that the only country in the world that stands for freedom, should be turned into what a majority of naturalized American fled from.

Like it or not, liberalism and political correctness HAS to die if we are to survive as a nation. It’s time to embrace this fact, and accept it is time to go back to what made this country great.


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