Don’t bother with revolution, save the bloodshed

I have heard many people say that if Barry Soetoro is re-elected next fall it will lead to revolution. Don’t bother! Save the bloodshed and just take what government gives you. Now that I have upset you to the point of not wanting to read anything else, you might want to hear me out. This country is in the condition it is in simply because there are not enough people willing to stand up for God. Now just because you believe in God, you think that is all you need to do right? Is it politically correct to publicly state your belief in God?

This nation seems to think we do not have the right to offend people who come here outside of our laws. Really? Where are their rights? Just because they are in this country, nothing guarantees them rights under OUR Constitution! We currently have a government and a public that believe if you come here without proper immigration you are not a criminal. Just when did the rule of law get thrown out? Just because its not politically correct to follow the laws that were good enough for our forefathers, does that mean that we shouldn’t follow them without repealing the laws themselves?

For a revolution to be effective and successful, it will mean those people who have turned their backs on God publicly, will have to acknowledge Him now in the public arena. You and I both know that once government takes things away, it never gives them back without some kind of civil unrest or revolution. The current social problems in this country were created by the government at the insistence of the voters in this country. Until we as the citizens of this country stand up and take responsibility for our actions, educate ourselves and our children about our rights and liberties, we are going to continue to fall into a third world status!

We now have a news media that has more power over the public than it was ever intended to have. Why is this you ask? WE gave them that power! The citizens of this country have blindly placed it’s trust in people they have no known knowledge of, to tell them the truth of what they are reporting. The point being here is we as a nation have allowed everything that is happening in this country today. We have no one else to blame than ourselves. Now, when we are suffering the fruits of what we have done to ourselves and we are complaining about it. What did we expect? You don’t plant a squash in the ground and expect a rose to grow in its place because you don’t like squash!

So, save the bloodshed. Live with what we have done to ourselves if you want. The other choice will be ugly and nasty if you don’t. If you commit to change, you need to commit to the things that change involve. Revolution was not the answer without divine influence when we won our freedom from England over 200 years ago, what makes you think revolution will be the answer today without the same influence?


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