New Years 2012

As we enter into the new year, I wonder if Americans are ready for what is ahead of them. Unlike 4 years ago, we have an unemployment rate that almost 9 %, a 15 trillion-dollar deficit, and a man-child that thinks everything is someone else s fault for the condition we as a nation are in, with he himself having absolutely no knowledge of simple economics. Today we have a conservative base in this country that can’t even agree on whether they want a career politician or an average everyday citizen holding office. Forget the talk of the Mayan calendar ending this year, and all of the doomsday predictions. We have more pressing problems we as Americans need to tend to, and a voter base that is still more interested in what their college teams are doing in the bowl games.

Unlike 4 years ago, we have a justice department that is out of control, a socialist president that believes only government is the solution to all of the problems America faces, and a complacent voter base that doesn’t give a darn about anything but themselves. I am sure our founding fathers are looking down on us as proud as they can be. I have asked numerous times, just what is it going to take before we as Americans unite, and take matters into our own hands like our founding fathers intended for us to do?

Does it take the man-child that is in the White House throwing a temper tantrum and declaring martial law to wake everyone up? If this is the case, my suggestion is don’t bother waking up from your slumber. If the man-child is not held in check, and it appears as though the conservatives do NOT want to do that, then the great experiment is over, and it will never be resurrected. I know this may sound negative, but negativity is all conservatives seem to be speaking these days. Personally, my faith in the American public is beginning to falter. While my faith in America as a whole, and everything America stands for is still rock solid.

How many of us would stand up for everything America stands for without material rewards? How many of us will stand on principle like our founding fathers did to create the nation we live in today? Are we as a society, the same people our founding fathers warned us against? There were facts put out that approximately 80% of Americans were in principle, conservatives. We need to show ourselves and the world, just what it means to face catastrophe and make things right. We can and will be the greatest generation in American history.

I am not taking anything away from the baby boomers or the WWII generation, make no mistake. These generations did what America is known for doing, being the greatest people and saving the greatest hope for freedom in this world! I personally do not want to say or admit that when it came time for my generation to stand up and do what’s right, we just rolled over and say it’s too big of a challenge.

That is not what America, or being an American is about. We can face ALL of the challenges we have today, and as Americans we can do what is right. We owe this to our children, our grandchildren, and all future generations if there is any hope for America to remain free. If people in this country do not unite as Americans, and do what we are known for doing all through our history, the only thing we can tell those future generations is stories of “when America was a free country.”

So I challenge everyone that reads this blog today, that your resolution above all others should be to return the power to the People of the United States, and take control of an out of control government. This resolution needs to be absolute and without question! 2012 is our generations time to prove to the world, we are still the greatest nation, we still have rule of law, and we are still the greatest hope for freedom in the entire world. It’s up to us, are you up for the challenge?


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