Real political issues

Today being the date of the first caucus in the 2012 campaign season, I feel it should be known what the real issues are that none of the politicians are addressing. First of all, there are too many politicians that are interested in maintaining the Federal Reserve. Have any of you ever read the Federal Reserve Act? The entire act is unconstitutional. Yet, we have politicians that believe we have to have a central bank in this country to exist.

For a matter of history sake, we have had a minimum of three central banks in the history of this country. Unfortunately, the present central bank is being backed completely by corruption and greed. Secondly, the politicians running on the GOP side are pandering to the criminal aliens that are in this country. Since when did the rule of law get ignored on this issue? If you are here illegally, you do NOT have the right to vote in nationwide elections, or any elections for that matter!

Personally, I feel this is an act of sedition and treason. Why aren’t the people of this country upset? Since when do we allow political correctness to override the rule of law? If there is hope for this country, we have to go back to the rule of law. Thirdly, when will the “temporary state of emergency” be lifted that we were placed under in 1933. Think I am not playing with a full deck? Check it out for yourself. This country was placed in a “temporary” state of emergency by Franklin Delano Roosevelt on March 9,1933. It has never been lifted.

Do NOT let the politicians tell you it has been. They will say that sections have been removed and that the state of emergency does not exist. If that were the case, the entire act would have been removed, it HAS NOT BEEN. There is a reason why it is still active. It gives unconstitutional powers to congress and the president. It goes back to the federal reserve. Although the Federal Reserve Act was signed in 1913, it was not put into effect until 1933.

We pretty much don’t have to ask why the liberals will not move to end these acts, it’s pretty obvious as to why they will not even consider them an issue. Do your research on the “War Powers Act of 1933”, then ask yourself, what war did this act effect. This country has been under the “rules of necessity” since FDR took office. Now you may ask why the Republican Candidates will not address these issues as well. Very simply put, it’s all about money.

Money is why the Federal Reserve has never been challenged nor has it ever been ruled on by the Supreme Court. So forget the song and dances you may see in the next several months. This is all done to continue the smoke and mirrors that have been used for the last 79 years. If there is any hope for our nation, these REAL issues will need to be resolved.


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