When will conservatives learn?

Why is it that I can see what is going on with the political landscape and a lot of other “educated” conservatives can’t? I guess too many people refuse to see past the end of their nose. If you consider yourself to be a conservative, then accept the entire agenda, not just the things that suit you the most. Why can’t conservatives learn that even liberals live their liberal agenda? Liberals circle the wagons around their candidate, just like they have with Barry Soetoro. Liberals don’t care that he is not eligible, he is their candidate come hell and high water!

Now, lets look at how conservatives deal with their candidates. When the first sign of wrong doing or unethical behavior begins being brought out, it’s abandon ship and let the candidate sink or swim. If you consider yourself a conservative, it’s ok to disagree with a candidate and write him off. I have heard “conservatives” state that just because a candidate doesn’t have the same belief as they do on a couple of issues, they will not vote on that candidate. Really? I have to ask, are these people without sin themselves?

Yet these same people refuse to put their hat in the ring so they can have someone who believed exactly how they did, they won’t even vote for themselves. Until conservatism becomes a way of life, and people begin to live what they say they believe, the conservatives will continue not having representation. Conservatism is not an easy way of life by today s standards. It means being responsible, we all know how politically incorrect that is. It means keeping your word, being compassionate, making sure that your kids are educated with the truth, not being indoctrinated with lies and half-truths.

Conservatism is the largest political ideology in this country today. Yet very few of the people who proclaim themselves to be conservative, really have no idea what it means. We have to return to the rule of law in this country, even when it does not suit our agenda. Our founding fathers made it clear that the rule of law was meant for all, not just a selective few. We want less government, we want to make decisions for ourselves, we don’t need government to tell us what to think or do when it comes to our own personal lives.


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