Are we really so pathetic that the American Public has given up?

Here in the last couple of weeks, I have heard all about how the government is going to take away our rights to fair trial, and being charged with crimes before being jailed. In conversations with people, they quote and the ACLU websites as their reference for the information they have quoted. While it is refreshing to know that the ability to read hasn’t been completely removed from the GIC, it would be even more refreshing to know that people using the same ability were using it to verify what is being told to them.

If you consider conspiracy theory as a truthful source of reference, I would suggest you stop reading at this point, what I am going to say is going to upset you to the point of not wanting to read further. Responsibility means you verify what you are being told, it means you don’t accept one source for information if there are other sources available. When it comes to legislation, there are many sources to verify what is in the legislation itself. Thirty to forty years ago you would have to write to a representative or senator to get the same information that is available today at our fingertips.

I find it very upsetting that conservatives today in this country, refuse to research anything that is publicized or spoken about on mainstream media or print. I am beginning to believe I am fighting a lost cause. People have told me that even though the NDAA legislation recently signed into law by Barry Soetoro doesn’t say the government can do what they are saying it says, it doesn’t stop the government from doing it anyway. Here’s a thought. Why would the government need legislation to do anything it wanted to do? If the intent of a piece of legislation is to take away God-given rights from the legal citizens of this country, the government would NEVER write a piece of legislation to enable it to happen. IT WOULD JUST DO IT!

There are several rules of warfare in play at anytime, one is to never let the enemy know your intentions. Others are to never let the enemy know your full strength, never give your enemy your exact location etc. If Americans are truly serious about restoring this nation to Constitutional rule, it’s time to accept the fact that government is never going to openly play it’s hand. We need to get the corrupt, greedy politicians out of office, and place statesmen in the offices that have only one special interest in mind at all times, their constituents.

Many people continue to say the ballot box is not the answer. I will tell you this now, armed revolution at this point is not either. We are a nation of people who are self-centered, arrogant individuals that still believe there is the letter I in the word team. As it stands, the only thing we have is the ballot box. So it’s time to deal with the crop we have sown for ourselves, and do what is needed to be done.


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