Does the truth really matter any more to the voters?

For months now I have pointed out how propaganda is being promoted by the news media as “news of the moment.” Once again, through repetition, the news media has lied enough to the people who pay attention to it, that the American voters are believing everything that is being told to them. Is there any hope for this country? Have the founding fathers beliefs in the people of this country failed them? I find it extremely odd how people are willing to believe lies when fed repeatedly to them as the truth, however, if the truth is fed to them repeatedly they still ignore facts.

Political correctness still has a strangle hold on this country. The race card is still a very valuable tool that politicians can use on the electorate, just like the wealth card. It’s not a matter of how much money you make, it’s the matter of how much money you are willing to give someone else that refuses to earn it. The race card is the same way. It doesn’t matter how much you do to treat people fairly, there’s always going to be someone who is such a deadbeat that they refuse to accept their own shortcomings for their current situation in life. It’s always someone elses fault they are where they are.

Mirrors no longer matter to these people. They refuse to accept they are the reason they have nothing to show for their life, it’s easier to blame someone else than it is to see the faults staring back at them in the mirror. During the Occupy Wall Street movement, there were people who said they wanted a living wage just simply because they were born in this country. When you point out that wasn’t what the founding fathers intended, they refer to their interpretation of the Constitution.

We have people who believe the Constitution is too difficult to understand. None of them seem to understand that the Constitution was written by men with a 5th grade education. These men were common men, they weren’t filthy rich, they were farmers and common laborers of the time. They had a dream, one that they felt would be carried out throughout the end of time for this country. Although history is written that the majority were plantation owners, there were those that had the interest of the country in mind, not their pocketbook.

I have said many times, “the Constitution says what it means, and means what it says.” Yet something that simple to understand is still confusing to many of the voters of this country. Throughout the industrial age in this country, if we had let government-run things we would still be developing the smelting process of steel. Too many people believe government is the solution for all of our problems in this country. We have a government today that is lusting for more and more power, and people who are willing to give up their God-given rights to government because they don’t want to be responsible for anything in their life.

Is this what we as a nation have finally turned into? Are we too lazy to say we can do things ourselves now? Where would we be without the inventions of Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates? If government were responsible for those innovations, we would not have gotten past the 8088 computers. Now I know I have mentioned more truth than the average reader can handle in this post. I hope that those of you that are not afraid of the truth are still reading. Keep in mind, those evil, greedy, rich that were publicized so negatively with the OWS movement, are also the same ones they were using technology from to promote their own movement, including bodily functions.


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