Why are 312 million people allowing 535 people to push them around?

Our Constitution is a remarkable document. To my knowledge, it is the only document that defines the people of this country has more power than the government, anywhere in the world. So, why are 312 million people allowing themselves to be told what they can and can not do by 535 men and women in a ten square mile city called Washington DC? According to the Constitution, the citizens of this country are also the militia that has the rights to be armed in defense of our great nation. When does it finally hit home to the people of this nation, there are a hell of a lot more of us than there are of the “ruling elite” that feel they are owed the jobs they have in DC?

The 2 million citizen march that took place on 9/12/09 didn’t seem to get the message made to those that legislate our laws. I can’t help but wonder, what would they do if there were a 100 million man protest outside of the capital building in DC? For those of you that are worried about law enforcement, keep in mind, there’s not enough of them in the country to control 100 million people converging on DC. That mass amount would shut down traffic in about 6 states, all heading in the direction of Washington.

When the Constitution states “We the People of the United States” it specifies the US citizens, nobody else. Always remember, government or politicians carefully word what they say for a reason. They understand something the American people seem to have forgotten, whether accidentally or intentionally, words mean things! This is why a politician may sound like they are patriotic, but they have other motives behind what they say.

Now, it is time to prove to the 535 people of Congress, just what the power of the people mean. We are where they get the power to govern the country, it is not, nor has it ever been the government that has the power over the people. Personally, I believe the best day to do such a march would be Tax day, April 15th of this year. The same day government demands taxes are to be paid. If you readers of this blog like this idea, allow this post to go viral in email. After all, 535 people do NOT stand a chance against 312 million, it’s time “We the People of the United States”, reminded them of that fact too!


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