It’s been 3 years now since the regime started

January 20,2009 was the first day that the Barry Soetoro regime officially began in this country. For those of you that are conservative, we all know that Barry can not run on his record as president. Oddly enough however, I really don’t think any GOP candidate will use his record as president against him. Even in the midterm elections of 2010, the republican candidates refused to use anything the dems did to make headlines or as campaigning facts. Doesn’t this force us all to ask ourselves just how involved with the liberals the republicans are?

The liberals are going to blame everything they could not accomplish on the republicans. I find it odd how the republicans are willing to accept the blame, and not use what the liberals are doing to this country against them. Although not many remember this historical fact, this is exactly how the democratic party managed a 40 plus year reign of terror in the US Congress. Starting in the late 40s, the democrats did the exact same thing they are doing to day. They had control of only one house, and blamed their inability to pass legislation on the republicans. The American voters fell for it for more than 40 years.

Like sheep being lead to slaughter, the American public appear to be falling for it again. Could it be that the voters in this country are so dumbed down to have forgotten about history in this country? How many times do people have to be reminded that if you do not know your history you are doomed to repeat it? Don’t think for a minute that the democrats are not aware of history. The liberals have set this entire situation up starting with the midterm elections. Having been made aware of what was done in the 40s, I have watched them do what is going on like they were reading a play book.

Just like the history book, the American voters are falling for it again. The republicans have all the ammunition they need to win this presidential election, with the exception of a true conservative candidate. Barry Soetoro has passed the largest power grab legislation in this countries history. When will it finally dawn on the American public, there are millions of us, and only a few of “them”, meaning the ruling elite do not have the power they assume they have. Just because the voters elected them to office, it doesn’t mean they can’t be removed, either by ballot box or government overthrow!

Our founding fathers put the power to govern this country with the citizens of this country, not the elected ruling elite. We have a choice to make this year, allow our founding fathers to begin to rest again, or let this great nation they founded turn into everything they fought so hard to prevent from happening.


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