The media can dish it out, but they can’t take it

I have all but quit watching the republican debates. Last night, after being told of the Newt Gingrich incident on CNN, I had to watch the re-run. I am glad I did. Newt handed John King his head on a silver platter, and the liberals are incensed about it. Good! It’s finally time that the republicans stood up to the “all knowing, infinitely wise” leftest news media! Watching the youtube video of the same incident this morning, I saw how the liberals are all up in arms about what Newt did. How amusing! The leftist media protected Barry Soetoro when allegations of gay sex was made, they completely dismissed then as rumor, and allegations.

When Herman Cain was accused of sexual improprieties, the media used that as a feeding frenzy, and then patted themselves on the back for “great journalism and reporting the facts”. Now that one of the candidates had the nerve to stand up to them, the liberals and the leftist media are upset about it? Personally, I think the liberals bit off more than they could chew, knowing they had a “smoking gun” in the interview with Gingrich’s wife that was to be aired later.

I find it very interesting however, that the interview that the media thought was going to be a bigger problem with Gingrich, is not getting as much coverage and publicity they thought it would. The response to the question that Newt made is getting more publicity. Finally, at least we have one republican candidate that has enough spine to stand up to the liberals. It will be interesting to see just how much this one incident will help or hurt Newt in the primaries. Only time will tell.


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