Sensationalism has replaced journalism

Why do any of the mainstream media talking heads even call themselves journalist? Today, all that seems to matter is how a “reporter” can sensationalize a story. Forget just reporting facts or the truth, it’s all about who can break a story and how sensational it is for the viewer. Recently, I was in an internet chat room and the discussion was about the rights to privacy. One participant made the statement that public figures did not have the right to privacy. Are you kidding me? As an American citizen, regardless of public status or not, we are all guaranteed the right to privacy!

My opinion is, if the media sensationalist are willing to publicize everything a movie star, sports figure, or politician has done in their private life, they too should be made to expose ugly facts about their private lives as well. Sensationalist, do not have the right to the first amendment in this matter if they are willing to violate other citizens rights to create a story. An example of what I am talking about was the Tiger Woods accident. While the incident itself was news worthy, and on public record to have happened, that did not give the media rights to invade the privacy of Tiger or his wife to enhance the story.

Like it or not, the political correctness, and the media sensationalism of stories needs to end. If these sensationalist are going to hide behind the first amendment, then perhaps they need to find another profession to practice. We live in an “as it happens” news world today, believe me, with as many sources as there are to get news from, the sensationalist with the media need to rethink what and how they are doing things if they want to keep a career going.

If Larry King had ever had to air any of his dirty laundry for everyone to hear about and witness, would he have been as successful as he was during his career? All anyone should be entitled to when it comes to news reporting is just the facts. That may be boring, and possibly non-profit making for a news outlet, but it certainly would be refreshing to see real journalism again.


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