Could Georgia be the beginning of a Constitutional Crisis?

The hearing in a Georgia Administrative Court was held yesterday in Atlanta, Ga. For Barry Soetoro and his legal team it was another birth certificate case, so naturally they chose not to even attend. I might point out however, it was much more than a birth certificate issue. Although the birth certificate did play into the evidence presented, it was only one of the pieces of evidence produced. For most of us in the United Sates, we have always known what the phrase natural-born citizen meant, but we have never known how it was derived or where it was defined.

As it turns out, the legal and current acting definition of the phrase natural-born citizen is cited in case-law. The case of Minor Vs Happersatt. This case was presented to the supreme Court of the United States in 1875. Just do an internet search for the case and read the decision for yourself. In the case natural-born citizen is defined as: any child born to parents that are native-born, natural-born, or naturalized citizens prior to the birth of the person running for the Presidential office.

The entire time the birth certificate has been a distraction to cover up the real issue. The liberals have called those that were pointing out the birth certificate birthers, while all along laughing because those that were pointing it out did not know what the true issue is. The Barry Soetoro legal team was not there to represent him. Neither was the defendant. Upon the beginning of the hearing on January 26th, the judge called the plaintiff lawyers to his chambers and advised them of him issuing a default judgement in the case.

The lawyers then asked for permission from the court to introduce evidence into the case for the record. According to Barry Soetoro himself in his book “Memories of my Father”, he admits his father was not ever a citizen of the United States. The Secretary of State for the Georgia has already advised that the office would abide by the Administrative Law Judges ruling. So we are now awaiting the judgement from this judge, either way he rules creates a crisis with our Constitution. Should he rule in favor of the plaintiff, then Barry is not on the primary ballot in Ga. for the super Tuesday primary. This could also include the general election ballot as well.

However, should the judge’s ruling go in favor of the defendant, then we have a crisis of the Constitution not being followed along with the rule of law being blatantly ignored in this country. This will also create a problem with Barry being a sitting president if he is ruled ineligible for the 2012 election. There is an ancient Chinese Curse that reads: May you live in interesting times. How appropriate that we owe the Chinese the debt we do, because it certainly appears as though we have been cursed.


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