It’s about citizenship status, not citizenship stupid

Recently, the State of Georgia held an administrative law hearing over the eligibility of Barry Soetoro to be on the Ga. ballot for the 2012 campaign year. For those of you that believe he is, it is not a matter of where he is born that makes him eligible. It’s also a matter of where his parents are born. While the Constitution for the United States does not explain the definition of the phrase “natural-born citizen”, the United States Supreme Court does define it in the decision of Minor vs Happersatt in 1875.

This case-law is the law in standing even today. The supreme Court decision plainly states that BOTH parents have to be citizens of this country to qualify the child as a natural-born citizen. Now like it or not, the law is not applied to only those that a majority of people want it applied to. Case law, which is what this is, will be applied to everyone. While many liberals and others in the administration want to believe it is only the birth certificate that establishes citizenship status, this case-law ruling plainly proves it is only part of the issue.

If this country is based on the rule of law, as our founding fathers intended it to be, we need to accept the laws as they are even if they are unpopular. This country allows for laws to be repealed if people disagree with them. In this situation however, it is going to take a Constitutional Amendment to change because the eligibility is a Constitutional issue. Keep in mind, if you want the law to apply to one, it will HAVE to apply to all.


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