How could it not be more apparent, Mitt Romney is the media darling

With the Florida primaries now behind us, the news media feeding frenzy has begun. I have known since the very beginning of the primary season that Romney was the media darling. The media has not even tried to hide that fact. Last night it was even more evident. Almost as soon as the predictions that Romney would take Florida came out, the criticism of Newt Gingrich had started. Comparisons of how Romney had spent the money to run 12,000 political ads to Gingrich’s 200. How Romney had now won 2 primaries, and Gingrich needed to fold and secede the nomination to Romney.

Yet, as I was reading some of the headlines in media coverage this morning in my email box, I saw nothing of the prediction and promise Mitt Romney made in his acceptance speech last night. So, maybe it’s time that little promise makes the light of day for everyone to see. During his acceptance speech, and mind you I have been turned off from Romney ever since the beginning of this entire fiasco, Romney promised to give us a balanced budget if he were to be elected to office. Really? A progressive candidate is going to give this country a balanced budget? The same man who had some of his own staff that created Romneycare, and proceeded to give us Obamacare, and he’s going to give the country a balanced budget.

Just like in 2008, promises that were made, knowing they wouldn’t be kept the moment they were said from another media darling. I suppose the next thing to be promised will be to repeal all corporate taxes to bring jobs back into the country. Just keep in mind, a politician has never seen a tax they didn’t love, progressive candidates are just as bad as liberals are in this regard. It’s time the people of this country quit listening to the news media! After all, look at how honestly they have steered the country down the path of socialism. If you choose to continue to support Mitt Romney, just remember that you need to hear everything he says, not what the media wants you to hear.

Another example of the media bias is how Romney is complaining about Newts negative ads against him. Let’s be honest here. Romney runs 12,000 ads against Gingrich’s 200 and I am sure that Romney not once smeared Gingrich in his ads! One other point, Mitt Romney wins the New Hampshire primary, and the media makes it out like it was news worthy. It would have been news worthy if Romney had lost New Hampshire. That was a given primary to Romney. Of course while we are looking at New Hampshire, it should be pointed out that Romney ran ads against Newt that weren’t exactly complimentary either. IF you honestly think Mitt Romney is going to repeal Obamacare, you are sadly mistaken. He will push it even harder than he did his own healthcare in Massachusetts.

Progressives never reform anything liberals put into law, because in their own mind they agree with the liberals, they are too much of a coward to come out and admit it.


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