Let’s hope I am correct

I read an article this morning about how the lame-stream media willfully chose not to report on the hearing last week in the case of Barry Soetoro’s eligibility. In the story, the writer wrote how he had spoken to a few of the larger media reporters and they chose not to listen to the points of law that the plaintiffs offered in the hearing. Keep in mind, this is what passes as superb journalism in the industry today. Ignore the facts, and report what your opinion is. I sincerely hope that I am right in pointing out these facts, because it is beginning to appear more and more people are understanding what rights were acknowledged by our Constitution.

We need to go one more step farther however. Keep in mind, government only derives its power from the governed in this country. It’s not the other way around. Perhaps when people fully understand the God-given rights we have, government will begin to fear us as it should. We are definitely at a turning point in our nation. I realize not everyone is going to accept the candidates on the GOP side of the ticket this year, simply because not every candidate is following all of their conservative values. Keep in mind though, we didn’t get in the condition we are in overnight. It took small baby steps to get here, it’s going to take small baby steps to reverse the damage that has been done.

This is America! We have faced more worse immediate dangers in the past, and we managed through the spirit born in us all to get through those dangers. Just because those 535 sitting representatives in Congress have the military to defend them in their eyes, there is not enough law enforcement, military, or national guard to contain or control 330 million angry Americans should we choose to show our anger all at once by marching on Washington DC. I hear daily about how government is taking away our rights. Government can NOT take away rights it has not given! Our rights are God-given, not government given.

If we are losing our God-given rights, it’s because we are willingly giving those rights to the government because we don’t want the responsibility it takes to keep them. Is this the same American spirit that brought us to this day and time? I personally think not. It’s time to get rid of the “can’t do” attitude because the government that is created by the people seems to have gotten bigger than those that created it. Natures law plainly states that the created, can NEVER be greater than the creator. It’s time we show the government that the people of this country created, who the real boss is in this situation!


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