We are living in the ancient Chinese Curse

An old ancient chinese proverb is “May you live in interesting times”. Without question, we are doing just that. I find it interesting that when reviewing every single grievance in the Declaration of Independence, every single one mentioned in that document applies in today’s world and situation in the United States. Now that the Georgia judge has ruled in favor of Barry Soetoro to be on the Georgia ballot, it is apparent that we are also in the most epic Constitutional crisis in this country’s history.

Most of the liberal media will consider what I am saying as fear mongering. I can see how they would view it as such. Very simply put, if you are not able to think for yourself, you can not understand a clear and present danger to our republic. If we were all absolutely indoctrinated as the government had intended, we would not be able to see things such as are happening because we would not be able to think for ourselves. Why am I one of the few that are outraged over this? I honestly realize there are those in this country that are beginning to wake up to the rampant corruption that is running this country. However there are still millions that are willfully ignorant to the situation in this country.

It’s not because they don’t have access to the information, it’s because they chose to accept the situation is as bad as it is. Most all of us in this country have access to the largest resource of information ever devised in this world, the internet. Unfortunately, too many use it for keeping up with their favorite teams standing, or who is winning American Idol. I would like to remind all Americans, government is a creation of the people of this country. By natural law, the created can NEVER be greater than the creator!

The real wake up call came when without fail, almost every grievance that was written in the Declaration of Independence was identical to what is going on today. Yet, those that want to pay more attention to the Super Bowl are still willfully ignorant of their surroundings. You may not like the next statement I am going to make, but it has to be made! Either you are with the Constitution and demand that Constitutional law be restored to our republic, or you are against it, and do NOT deserve the rights and liberties guaranteed by the document! Those are harsh words, but it is time for a wake up call! Our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence state as a citizen of the United States, it is our duty to maintain a government to make sure the republican form of government via a democratic process would forever remain in this country. This is not a request of the founding fathers, it is a demand. It’s time to bring back personal responsibility, and we all did our duty to our founding fathers.


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