Constitutional Crisis, or the best law money can buy?

Now that the judge in Atlanta has ruled in Barry Soetoro’s favor, it is even more apparent that we are no longer a country based on the rule of law. One of the case cites that Judge Mahili pointed out included the 14th Amendment. Yes that’s right, the 14th Amendment. Now this is opening up the door for just anyone born here to be president regardless of actually being a natural-born citizen per the Constitutional requirements. With enough of the taxpayers money however, you can guarantee yourself a second term in office, and the taxpayers have no say over if you are legally in office or not.

Most conservatives have known for years that we have had the best government money can buy, so that is not a big revelation. I find it amazing that the American public refuse to see this. The Chicago style politics has completely made it known to all assets of government they run this show, and there’s nothing the American people can do about it. I have been for sometime now told people who this country didn’t get this way overnight. So to reverse the damage, it can’t be undone overnight either.

Politicians have played the wealth card for many years about how those that have, have not paid their fair share of taxes. Yet, while they criticize the wealthy, politicians in Washington hide their money in offshore accounts, and use insider trading to make themselves even richer, all at the taxpayers expense. They (the politicians) believe they are the ruling elite of this country, like they are owed the jobs they have in Washington. Yet they will stand in front of us all at election time and blatantly lie about how they are doing everything for those people who have and will elect them.

When are the willfully ignorant going to wake up and understand they are being lied to just as much as the rest of us? I have been for a long time now been pointing out just how corrupt our government and our politicians are. Again, falling on deaf ears. So it’s now obvious that we will have 4 more years of Chicago style corruption running our country. Isn’t it nice to see we not only have the best government money can buy, but also the best law enforcement and judicial system too?


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