Anyone but Obama. Really?

When I began hearing “anyone but Obama” a little over a year ago, I began realizing just how blind that phrase was. I warned people not to keep that phrase going. Instead of listening to the reasoning behind my feelings towards that phrase, I was belittled, told I didn’t know what I was talking about, and was told by many pseudo conservatives, I didn’t know what I was talking about. I told these same conservatives, this is the same phrase that brought Barry Soetoro to power in the White House. In 2008, the phrase began “anyone but Bush”, although George W Bush could not run for president legally for a third term, a lot of people viewed John McCain as a repeat in Bush policies.

Knowing that the GOP has for years considered themselves the ruling elite, as well as those in the democratic party, I knew that as the phrase took on popularity, the GOP would give people just what they were asking for. So as the primary process began in 2011, the GOP and the lame stream media, began methodically removing the most conservative candidates from the process. First, they began with Herman Cain with unproven allegations of sexual improprieties. This has also begun the peer approval of Fox News. In the sense that Fox was possibly not the first network to break all of the allegations, but they certainly did a great deal of sensationalism of them.

I might also note, that since Cain pulled out of the race for the White House, not one single news item has been made public about the allegations. The GOP learned that through the news media, they could bring down the most conservative candidates and promote the ruling elite to be placed into power once again. Keep in mind also, the GOP is still upset about losing as many seats in both houses in the mid-term elections. Slowly but surely the GOP has begun insuring their control over the nomination process was put in place, and not caring anything about what the conservative voting block thought about the candidates.

So, for those of you that still see noting wrong with saying “anyone but Obama”, remember exactly what you have put the conservatives of this country into. The only remaining candidate that even resembles any true conservative principles remaining is Rick Santorum. Keep in mind however, the GOP has made their mind up that Mitt Romney WILL be the nominee. The ruling elite of the party will stop at nothing to ensure that their guy is nominated. There is an old saying that goes “be careful what you ask for, you might get it.” Well keep saying “anyone but Obama”, you are going to get exactly what you are asking for.


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