When you refuse to learn your history….

There’s an old saying about learning history, “if you don’t know your history, you are doomed to repeat it.” Now I know there are very few people who find the importance of history in their personal lives. This is a complete and total mistake on behalf of all of us. Today in our government indoctrination centers, better known as the public school system, we have agenda driven history, if you can call it that, being taught to our future leaders of this great nation. Now I ask you, as a reader to this blog, doesn’t somewhat bother you that our children are being lied to?

Imagine that 30 years from now one of those children that are being lied to in our high schools becomes president. As history is being taught today, they would not have knowledge of the holocaust of WWII. They would have no knowledge of the founding of our country, or what kind of government our founding fathers had set up for a moral people to continue. Our current administration seems to feel there is nothing wrong with lying to the American public, so it can achieve governments version of a complete government-run utopia. The most horrifying fact is thinking that a politician would be even less informed about the lies they tell people to be elected.

Now that I have painted a realistic outcome of what could happen in our great nation, there is something even more terrifying I am going to point out to all of you. If you need a real wake up call as to what is happening in this country, read and re-read the Declaration of Independence.
The grievances that are written there were written over 230 years ago. After you wake up in the morning, you will realized the nightmare you dreamed about wasn’t just a dream. It is life in the United States as we know it today. Is this the real history lesson we all need to learn? Why not just read it, and take heed of the warning history is intended to make us aware of?


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