Who do we pass on the job of protecting our freedom?

Ronald Reagan once said that “freedom is but one generation away from being lost”. When you look at today’s situation, those are prophetic words. Perhaps the seasoned citizens of this generation are the last chance to save our republic. Like Reagan mentioned however, the next generation will not pick up the ball and carry it. Our generation has a monumental task of educating a generation to hand over our republic to and ensure that the republic will go forward. I am not dismissing those brave men and women that are serving in our military today. They could be our only and best hope to continue the republic.

I have said many times, freedom is like an infant child. It needs to be nurtured and protected, and should never be left alone without protection. This is the only child we as a nation should understand that never grows up into adulthood. Would it be fair to limit the protection of 330 million people, to just a few million people to protect it? It is time we all understand that responsibility to our nation and our way of life must continue. We as a generation must also step up to the plate and prepare the next generation for the duties they will have in front of them. Most of us, know that the indoctrination centers we subject our children to, do not nor will they give our children the education they deserve.

As scary as this may sound, if the educators are repeating the same education they have gotten to our kids, we can not expect them to tell the true history, only the same information they were taught. This works to the advantage of government. Government is going to keep indoctrinating our children without guilt. This also goes to the point I have made before, why are the creators of government allowing it to have control over the creators? I will continue to pound out the point, natures law plainly states the created can NOT be greater than the creator. It’s time for the education to begin. Even if what we teach to our children can not be verified in the school text books, we need to have the documentation to show them and teach them from to back up what we show them to be the truth.

Nothing in this world is too big to fail! That includes government, and it’s indoctrination of our kids! Only persistence can provide the truth. When the seasoned citizens are gone, who will our children and their children look to for guidance? We as patriotic Americans, and good stewards of freedom, have to provide those children now with such guidance to guarantee the continuance of our Republic.


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