We didn’t get in this condition overnight

I know that a lot of people want what has happened in this country under Barry Soetoro reversed as soon as possible. I really don’t think that people understand what has happened did not all take overnight to happen. Keep in mind, the liberal left never does anything hap-haphazardly. All of the progressive policies that have allowed Barry to pursue his agenda have been going on quietly and methodically for many years. This isn’t just applied to democrats however. The GOP is just as guilty of allowing progressive policies to be put into place. None of the GOP elite can honestly deny this fact. Am I the only one that has noticed, that what few times the republican party has had control of both houses on Congress, it was the democrats that screamed you need to compromise with us?

Yet, the republican party keep silent when the democrats had control. The lack of action with the GOP indicates they are just as much at fault for what is going on in this country and our government today. As this took place in government, the biggest voting block the GOP has was intentionally overlooked and ignored. That voting block is the conservative voters in this country. Keep in mind also, that voting block is also guilty of not standing up for their beliefs and having their voices heard when they should have been. Complacency is something that should never be allowed to happen when you have a government that is set of, by, and for the people. Responsibility also should never be shunned.

A republic is only set up for a moral people to govern themselves with. When corruption, greed, and special interests are introduced to the equation, you have just the exact same government we have today. All of these things did not just pop up overnight, and they will not be corrected overnight. We need to keep this in mind. We are still the greatest hope for freedom in the world, even if Barry Soetoro does not like that fact, it still remains to be the truth. We are Americans first, this simple fact has created the envy from all of the other countries in the world. Although things are not looking good for our nation as it is today, being Americans means we can not walk away from doing the things to correct the wrongs we are having to deal with.

As a nation we have been through worse times, and there will be a time when things get even worse than they are today. When we all come together and unite, Americans can create an unstoppable force that can not be equaled anywhere else in the world. This fall, America has the chance to make the same small step that Neil Armstrong did on the moon almost 4 decades ago. It was “one small step for man”, it will be one giant leap towards getting our country back to the shining city upon a hill. I urge everyone to not only vote their conscience this fall, but to do so with a full education of the candidate. Remember, an educated vote is the most dangerous thing a politician will ever face.


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