Exactly when does it set in to most Americans, things are not right with our government?

I realized years ago, that even with the government indoctrination that I got from the public schools, things were not exactly right. I could never point out what was not going like it was taught to me until I got older and wiser. After making the swap from top 40 music to talk radio as I got older, I still couldn’t make the connection. Much to my dismay it was laid out for me to see, I just refused to see it. There was a local talk show host that said many years ago, “when we get to the point that 51% of the people vote themselves a living from the ballot box, the great experiment will be over.”

When the ’08 election took place, I began to realize what he was talking about. Now I know that immersing yourself into a political agenda can be a real boring thing to do for most people. As I started educating myself, yes that makes me a threat to the government I realize that, I began to see just what was wrong that I couldn’t put my finger on many years ago. One of the things I asked myself, was how could a man like Barry Soetoro ever be elected? We are America, this country was set up by very smart men to prevent such a horrific mistake as a socialist like Barry to be elected! I then began to look at society as a whole. What a wake up call! Don’t get me wrong, when looking at society I saw things that I had been doing myself, I was just as much ashamed of myself too.

I know that I am not the only one that loves this country. I speak to many people who feel the same way I do everyday. Not all of them see the same thing I do however. The sad part is a vast majority of Americans may never see anything wrong with things as they are in this country. We have politicians such as Ron Paul talking about our Constitution, yet never mentioning a word about the Declaration of Independence. Then his supporters call him a Constitutionalist. Now he may feel very strong about the Constitution, however, how can you speak about the Constitution without mentioning the founding document for it?

The biggest supporters for Ron Paul are those that want drugs legalized however. Isn’t odd that these people want to have drugs legalized, and do not see the downside to that happening. Even when prohibition was lifted, government put restrictions on how much could be consumed legally. If you think I am making this fact up, try driving down the road intoxicated. The same thing will happen to legalized drugs. The people may want something like drugs legalized, but government will always make sure that it has a controlling factor in the legalization!

As we go through the days, weeks, and months towards the election, I am seeing more and more people understanding what is going on politically in this country. We have to start somewhere. Perhaps as people see the political situation for what it really is, they may become even more curious about government in general. That is a natural progression when people start doing their own research. I hope that more people do the same things I did to get to this point.


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